September 24, 2009

To: Ronald A. Bohlander

            Secretary of the Faculty

            GTRI – 0817

From: Douglas Flamming

            School of History, Technology, and Society

            Chair, Student Grievance and Appeal Committee

Re:  Report of the Student Grievance and Appeal Committee activities during the 2008-2009 academic year

The members of the SGAC during the 2008-2009 academic year were:

            Douglas Flamming (HTS, Chair)

            Paul Kvam (ISyE)

            Arnold Schneider (MGT)

            Mitch Keller (Graduate student representative)

            George Ray (Undergraduate student representative)

            L. Greg Huey (EB Liaison)

The sole activity of the committee during the 2008-2009 academic year was to solicit volunteers to serve as outside members for school-level (or unit-level) appeal committees.  This task was performed by the chair, as no input was necessary from the other SGAC members.  All cases were resolved at the school level; the SGAC itself received no appeals during the academic year.

The three formal cases can be characterized in this way:

·         Involved schools: Economics (1), Mechanical Engineering (2)

·         Grades upheld as originally issued (2).  Grade raised on appeal (1)

·         Follow-up appeals to the SGAC (0)

Beyond these routine cases, it should be noted that the SGAC was contacted directly by a former undergraduate student seeking re-admittance to Georgia Tech.  SGAC Committee member Mitch Keller suggested that this request was a matter for the IUCC, not the SGAC, a suggestion confirmed by our Registrar, Reta Pikowsky.  The SGAC therefore took no further action on this request.

Before concluding this report, I wish to thank the school chairs, the school-level faculty members, and the outside committee members for their important service to the Institute and for upholding the integrity of the Institute’s grievance system.