Student Computer Ownership Committee


January 18, 2000


Members Present: Linda Cabot; Bryan Carr; Dan Morrison; Matthew J. Realff; Miles; Kathy Tomajko; Eric Carlen

1. Discussion of SCOC Statutes: 

a). The appointment of a secretary by the committee chair. It was decided that it was allowable for the chair to chose him/herself for this role, thus lowering the administrative burden on other committee members and making minutes easier to take.

b). Points of clarification in the statutes:

1). "It shall make at its own discretion any minor modifications and/or revisions to the standard software suite." It was decided that we do need to formulate some guidelines for the committee to operate under with regards to the definition of "minor modifications." In general the following guidelines for things that needed to be brought before the Faculty Senate were felt reasonable:

2). Movement of software from or to the "recommended" list from a "mandatory" list, if the software has been on the "mandatory" list for more than two years. Input should be sought from the Schools that use the particular software package before any changes are made.

3). Bundling versus Unbundling. If we decide to go back to a bundled software suite this should be brought up in front of the full faculty.

4). Deletion of any Operating System from the list of supported systems

5). "The Committee shall assist in the establishment and promotion of activities that encourage the use of computers in education." This is a difficult charge to act upon. Further debate was felt necessary, but it was suggested that interfacing with the Curriculum Committees would be a good idea to let them know the software decisions and to try to unify the use of software across courses and curricula.

2. Letter/Brochure to be sent to Incoming Freshmen:

a). No substantive changes were to be made to the letter. There was some debate on when the bookstore pricing needed to be fixed and the timing of FASET after semester conversion has moved the ending date to the beginning of May.

b). For the brochure there were changes to be made to the hardware specifications. The Committee Chair was to take the current brochure and make the updates and circulate the updated brochure for comment to the committee before finalizing.

3. Mac Cluster Update 

OIT has begun to change out Macs and replace them with PCs in the Library cluster.There is no intention of closing the cluster at this time. 

4. Faculty Survey 

The survey attracted little input from the faculty (98 responses from 1618 approximately). This was felt symptomatic of the lack of use of computing in the curriculum at this point in time. This will be further discussed at the next meeting.

 5. Next Meeting

To be discussed:

a). Student and Faculty Surveys

b). Procedures for software substitution and addition/deletion from the package.

c). Further discussion on the issue of our role in assisting in computer integration.