Student Computer Ownership Committee Meeting

December 3, 2001, 4:00 PM



Members Present:  Gregory Abowd (CoC, chair), Linda Cabot (OIT), Maxine Wright (Computer Store) Jim McClellan (ECE), Gene Germanovich (student), Eric Carlen (Math), Matthew Realff (CHE)

Members Absent:   Miles Edson, Dan Morrison, Kathy Tomajko



1.                  The following items were discussed:


a)                  In preparation for drafting the letter for next year’s incoming freshmen, input from the general faculty must be solicited for revisions to the hardware and software recommendations.

b)                  We began to go over the hardware and software requirements that are listed on the SCO Web site. These requirements are due at the end of January, 2002. Some issues that came up for discussion that will need to be resolved include:

1).  With the increase of wireless access, how should we treat recommendations for a laptop hardware platform?

2).  Should we provide explicit recommendations on a buy new versus bring existing computer to school?

3).  What is the existing state of wireless access to classrooms?

c) Topics for future meetings include a procedure for determining the cost of student computer ownership to the campus and the future of wireless access.

2.                  Action Items:


a)                  Gregory Abowd will draft a letter to the faculty that will be distributed via Ed Thomas.