Minutes of Student Computer Ownership (SCO) Committee Meeting on 17-Sep-2007

Attending: Christos Alexopoulos, Miles Edson, Michael Gamble, Jon Giffin, T. Govindaraj, Travis Horsley, Aaron Lanterman, Lisa Spence, Alex Wang

Absent or Excused: Alex Taubman

Jim McClellan, the 2006-2007 chair of the SCO Committee was also in attendance. The committee elected T. Govindaraj as chair for 2007-2008. This meeting was devoted to discussions of recent and planned changes in commercial technology products, such as Windows Vista, and in the new needs that the upcoming laptop requirement would impose on OIT. We discussed the need for loaner laptops that students are able to use when their own laptops are under repair. We agreed to endorse an OIT Tech Fee proposal for the purchase of loaner equipment. After the meeting, Lisa Spence followed up with OITís position on Vista deployment.


Minutes of Student Computer Ownership (SCO) Committee Meeting on 14-Feb-2008

Attending: Christos Alexopoulos, Jon Giffin, Monty Hayes, Lisa Spence, Alex Taubman, Alex Wang

Absent or Excused: Michael Gamble, Travis Horsley, Aaron Lanterman

Subsequent to the late 2007 death of T. Govindaraj, the committee elected Jon Giffin as chair and Monty Hayes as new member. The committee discussed the yearly brochure distributed to summer and fall incoming students. For the first time, the 2008 brochure sets the requirement of laptop ownership. We discussed and set expectations for minimum hardware and software; OIT vetted our requirements in the two weeks following the committee meeting. Following the meeting, we created new web pages for the SCO Committee that listed the minimum requirements for students joining Georgia Tech in the summer and fall 2008 semesters.

The committee heard a guest presentation by Jim Consuegra, OIT, of plans to update and centralize software procurement and distribution on campus.

Lisa Spence presented information on a joint OIT/Housing/Bookstore initiative to improve FACET presentations to students and families.