SCO Committee Activities for Academic Year 2006-2007


Members: Jim McClellan(CoE, chair/secretary), Linda Cabot (OIT), Eric Carlen (CoS), Michael Gamble (Arch), T. Govindaraj (COE), Aaron Lanterman (CoE), Miles Edson (Resnet), Alex Taubman (Bookstore), Jim Foley (CoC, Exec Board).



Four meetings were held:

1)      16-Nov-06: discuss the issue of requiring laptops.

2)      13-Dec-06: prepare presentation about requiring laptops.

3)      26-Jan-07: Finalize the hardware and software recommendations.

4)      12-Feb-07: rehearse laptop-requirement presentation.


Hardware/Software Recommendations for Incoming Students

The committee followed the procedure to review the software/hardware specifications that was used in previous years:

1)      An e-mail is circulated to the entire academic faculty by the Secretary of the Faculty two weeks prior to a scheduled SCOC meeting.  This is usually in December or January, depending on deadlines for producing the recommendations. The e-mail requests faculty inputs to the chair of this committee and/or presentation of their requests at a scheduled meeting of the SCOC. The guidelines provided were that the software should be something that the entire GIT undergraduate body could be expected to use during their time at Tech and that the decision would be based on the benefits and costs, including the cost of support.

2)      The suggestions are circulated to the committee members and Linda Cabot (OIT) determines potential cost of a (site) license for the software suggestions.

3)      The committee meets on the appointed day and discusses the options with input on costs of the software from OIT.

4)      The SCO Web site, is updated to reflect any important changes and considerations. Information is transmitted to Deborah Smith in Admissions.


Laptop Hardware Configurations

Some students may choose to bring laptop computers to campus, but laptops are not required.


Processor:     At least Pentium M processor or at least a Power Macintosh G4 or Intel Core Duo processor

Memory:        At least 1 GB

Hard Drive:  80 GB or larger

Display:         Supports 1024 x 768 resolution or better

Accessories:  CD-Recordable Drive (CD-R)

                       Sound capability

                       Ethernet card

                       Wireless card (see for info)


Desktop configurations

Processor:     At least Pentium D or AMD Athlon processor, or at least a Power Macintosh G5 or Intel Core Duo processor

Memory:        At least 1 GB

Hard Drive:  80 GB or larger

Monitor:        15 inch or larger

Accessories:  CD-Recordable Drive (CD-R)

                       Sound capability

                       Ethernet card


Network Connections

All rooms in campus residence halls are wired for computer network access.  Each room has as many connections as beds.  Housing fees cover access; there is no additional charge.  To access the network, students living in campus residence halls will need an ethernet card and a 25' CAT-5 Ethernet cable for their computer. 

Students not living in campus residence halls will need to purchase a broadband internet service from an ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Wireless Access

Georgia Tech currently provides wireless access at many campus locations. Visit for more information and coverage maps.


Software Recommendations




Software Title

Operating System


Windows XP Pro SP2**



Mac OS X 10.4-8 (Tiger) or higher



Thunderbird v

Outlook Express v.6


Van Dyke Software*

SecureCRT  v. 5.2 (Win)



Virus Scan Enterprise 8.0i (Win)



Spy Sweeper  v.5.2.3(Win)

Productivity & Education


Office 2003 Std or later (Win), or Office 2004 or higher (Mac)



Acrobat 8 Standard (Win);  This software reads and writes pdf files. This functionality is built into Mac OSX



Dreamweaver 8



Maple 10.05



Matlab 7. 3(Release 14sp3 for Win/Mac)

*Applications downloadable from the web or a GT server at no cost to students. See


** As of February 2007, the version of Windows Vista that will be supported at GT has not been determined. Please check the SCO website for updates about Windows Vista.


This past year, no significant requests were made to add to the software list.  Most changes were updates to existing software. In the hardware recommendations, changes were made to disk size and laptop specifications.


Laptop Requirement Approved


The committee devoted most of its efforts to making the case for a laptop requirement at Georgia Tech. The result was a presentation given to the Executive Board and the Faculty Senate which was approved in Spring-2007. The requirement will begin in Fall-2008.