SCO Committee Activities for Academic Year 2001-2002

Members: Gregory Abowd (CoC, chair/secretary), Linda Cabot (OIT), Eric Carlen (CoS), Eric Clopper (Student), Miles Edson (Resnet), Gene Germanovich (Student), Jim McClellan (CoE) ,Dan Morrison (Student Housing), Matthew J. Realff (CoE), Marc Smith (CoE), Kathy Tomajko (Library), Maxine Wright (Bookstore), Leo Mark (CoC, Exec Board).

Hardware/Software Recommendations for Incoming Students


The committee followed the procedure to review the software/hardware specifications that was put in place last year.  To reiterate:


1)      A note is circulated to the entire academic faculty by the Secretary of the Faculty (this past year it was Ed Thomas) two weeks prior to a scheduled SCOC meeting.  This is usually in December or January, depending on deadlines for producing the recommendations. The note asks for faculty to send their requests to the chair of this committee and then if they wanted to come to the scheduled meeting to give their input.  The guidelines provided were that the software should be something that the entire GIT undergraduate body could be expected to use during their time at Tech and that the decision would be based on the benefits and costs, such as support.

2)      The suggestions are circulated to the committee members and Linda Cabot, the OIT representative, determines potential cost of a site license and student license for the software suggestions.

3)      The committee meets on the appointed day and discusses the options with input on costs of the software from OIT.

4)      The SCO Web site, is updated to reflect any important changes and considerations.


Hardware Recommendations

Desktop configuration



Intel Pentium IV class, or Power Macintosh G4


at least 256MB RAM

Hard Drive

10GB or larger Hard Disk


15" Color Monitor Or Larger

Network Card

10/100 Base-T Network Adapter

Other Features

CD-ROM, Sound Card, Speakers



Laptop configuration


We provided a list of advantages and disadvantages to help students decide on whether a laptop configuration would be appropriate for their computing needs.  The following configuration was recommended.



Pentium III class or Power Macintosh G3 or higher


at least 256 MB RAM

Hard Drive

10GB or larger Hard Disk


Supports XGA (1024 x 768) resolution or better

Network Card

10/100 Base-T Network Adapter or 802.11b wireless or modem

Other Features

CD-ROM, Sound Card, Speakers


We provided further advice to help students determine if their existing hardware would satisfy computing requirements.


Software Recommendations




Software Title

Operating System


Windows NT/2000/XP



Mac OS 9.1, 10.1, or higher



Eudora Pro 5.x (Win/Mac)



Communicator 4.71 or higher with 128-bit encryption



NifyTelnet 1.1 (Mac)


Van Dyke Software

SecureCRT (PC)


Dartmouth C.

Fetch 3.0.3 (Mac)


Network Associates

Total Virus Defense

Productivity & Education


Office 2000 or higher Standard (Windows)
Office 2001 or higher (Mac)



Dreamweaver 4.0


Waterloo Maple

Maple 7



Matlab 5.3 or higher (Windows)
            5.2.1 or higher (Mac)



This past year, several requests were made as additions to the software list.  No major additions resulted this year, but we have decided as a committee to look more seriously into providing PDF utilities.  OIT will provide information on PDF on its main FAQ site at 


Cost of SCO to campus


Initiated in 2001 by this committee, there have been several discussions about the responsibility that SCOC has in convincing the administration of the cost to campus of student computer ownership.  This will be a continuing concern of this committee.


Campus building and SCO


The committee also considered the impact on student computer ownership of the new common spaces being constructed on campus.  No action items were taken on this matter.