TO: Edward Thomas, Secretary of the Faculty

FROM: Marc K. Smith, Chair of the Statutes Committee

SUBJECT: Minutes of the Statutes Committee Meeting of September 24,1999

DATE: September 29, 1999

Present: John Adams, Rich Combes, Sandra Corse, Lisa Sills, and Marc Smith

Absent: John Dorsey

1. Marc Smith was unanimously re-elected as Chair of the Statutes Committee.

2. Parking Statute Proposal: The motion presented to the Statutes Committee by Professor Mark Spearman, Chair of the Welfare and Security Committee at the Feb. 2, 1999 GFA meeting was considered. The original motion is attached to these minutes. After some preliminary discussions among the Statutes committee members, and consultations by Marc Smith with Pamela Rary, Senior Attorney, Legal Affairs (4-4812), Rosalyn Meyers, Assoc. VP for Auxiliary Services (4-1822), and Professor Mark Spearman (on leave at U. of Alabama), the following proposed statute was written:


(1) The President may not request or recommend to the Board of Regents the removal or destruction of any parking structure on the Georgia Tech campus, i.e., parking lot, parking deck, or related building, unless approved by a majority vote of the General Faculty.

(2) Annual parking fees for faculty, staff, and students may not be increased above the average annual percentage increase in salary for the Institute unless approved by a majority vote of the General Faculty. After further discussion by the Statutes Committee of these proposed amendments the committee voted to not recommend these amendments for approval by the General Faculty. The reasoning was that: a) faculty donít own campus buildings and structures and therefore have no control over them, b) the parking enterprise must be self-sufficient (BOR policy and GA State constitution). Restricting the parking fees would interfere with this enterprise and possibly lower parking services to the GT community. John Adams volunteered to see if any financial disclosures on how parking fees are spent were available on the web for the faculty to see. He was unsuccessful.