Annual Report of the Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee, 2003-2004.


The Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee held two meetings during the 2003-2004 academic year.


At the first meeting, held on September 16, 2003, Bill Johnson agreed to serve as interim chair until the next meeting, when a chair could be elected. The committee also approved a faculty  request that special excused absences granted to a motor-sports team participating in a December competition in Australia. Finally, it was announced that Kim Kurtis would serve as the representative from the Committee to the Undergraduate Academic Experience Committee led by Bob McMath.


At the second meeting, on March 5, 2004, Bill Johnson was unanimously elected as the chair of the Committee, and the committee again granted special excused absences to another motor-sports team for a competition in April.



Submitted by William Johnson, Chair, 10/5/04