March 5, 2004


PRESENT: Covso (PSYC), Johnson (ML), Kurtis (CEE), Martanto (ChE), McIver (REG), Sobecky (BIOL)





1.      A motion was made to elect Bill Johnson as the chair of the Committee.  The motion was seconded and approved.  Unanimous.


2.      Ken Cunefare requested approval for excused absences for the GT Off-Road team for April 19-30, 2004.  Dr. Cunefare described the program and the need for the team to miss these days from class. It was noted that the Committee had heard a similar request last year for the GT Motorsports team.  After discussion, a motion was made to approve the request and send use the same letter approving the absences as was used last year.  The motion was seconded and approved.  Unanimous.






M. Jo McIver





MJM: am

Addendum attached


















TO: Faculty


FROM:  Jo McIver, Registrar


DATE March 10, 2004



Attached is an approved request by the GT Off-Road  Team to be excused from classes April 19-30, 2004.  This request was reviewed by the Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee. Dr. Ken Cunefare, faculty advisor spoke to the Committee explaining the program.  After much discussion the Committee felt that this was an extraordinary opportunity for these students and approved the excused absences.    The Committee was also aware that this was a very difficult time for students to miss class, but was hopefully that the professor and student could come to an arrangement that was satisfactory for both.  Below, I have included an excerpt from an e-mail from Dr. Cunefare giving details of the program.



I would like to request excused absences from the campus Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee for those student members of the GT Off-Road team who will participate in this spring's SAE Mini-Baja Student Competitions. The competition is a student engineering competition with an automotive focus, providing participants with invaluable hands-on experience.


The team intends to compete in two events: the SAE Baja West to be held in Portland, Oregon, April 22-24, and the SAE Baja East, to be held in Montreal, Quebec, May 6-8.  Because of the logistics of travel (the team will be traveling by road: the competition vehicle cannot be economically shipped, nor can the team afford commercial air travel for the numbers of students attending), the team will be leaving for Oregon on Sunday, April 18 (2600 miles by road); afterwards they'll drive from Portland over to Montreal for the East event (2950 miles by road); they should get back from Montreal on May 10th (1200 miles).


This absence period is somewhat problematic, given its overlap with finals. The team members will not have the opportunity to study during their absence (the conduct of the competition yields no downtime).  With the team returning after the end of the session, an approach to take here would be:

1) Graduating seniors to complete all course requirements prior to departure.

2) Non-graduating seniors to receive an "I" for the semester, with final exams and grades assigned early in the next semester.


While the requested time interval is an extended period away from campus, the value to the participating students is immense. The students have invested a great deal of time and effort in preparing our entry. The team has been performing extremely well these past few years. Many automotive and automotive related companies look quite favorably upon employment candidates who have this competition in their background. The GT Off-Road team is an up-and-coming organization, striving for the success and recognition as has been awarded to GTMotorsports.






Students excused from classes April 19-30, 2004 to compete in the SAE Mini-Baja Student Competitions.


Team Members

Bert Atkinson                gte508i**


Matt Nagode                  gte308p**


Martin Arignon               gtg555g


Christian Retter              gtg946h


Matt Kerfonta                 gtg750q


Steven Moore                gtg871q


Dave Sarver                   gtg596g


David Cox                      gte749u


Kris Porter                     gtg918h


Richard Roberts             gtg516a




**degree candidate