Minutes of the Student Academic & Financial Affairs

December 1, 2000


Members Present: Aarbi, Begovic (ECE), Evans (GSS), Friedman (CC), Jayaranan (MGT), Johnson (ML), Kurtis (CEE), Suten, Usselman (HTS)

Visitors: None 

  1. Steve Usselman was elected chair of the committee.
  2. The charges for the committee from the Statutes and Bylaws were discussed. The committee felt that the two areas of major concern were admissions and academic advisement. It was decided to assign an area that was designated in the charges to each member of the committee. The committee member would research that area and report back to the committee. This report should suggest how the committee might go about satisfying its charge to provide annual reviews of various activities. Reports should be completed by the end of January and should be in writing.




Committee Member

Contact Person


Counseling Center

Scott Friedman

Scott Friedman


Academic Standing

Jo McIver

Jo McIver



R. S. Evans

Amy Stalzer


Honors & Prizes

William Johnson

Gus Giebelhaus



Steve Usselman

Bob McMath


Financial Aid

Miroslav Begovic

Barbara Hall



Kim Kurtis

Barbara Hall



M. Jo McIver