Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee (SAFAC)

Annual Report to the General Faculty for academic year 2010-2011


Committee members

·         Esogbue, Augustine, ISyE

·         Burns, Susan, CEE

·         Ippolito, J. Christophe, ModLang

·         Allen, Sue Ann, ChBE

·         Tovey, Craig, ISyE

·         Pikowsky, Reta, Registrar

·         Perez, Ruperto M. ,Counseling Center

·         Miller, John, UG Student

·         Semmens, John, UG Student

·         Hayden, Lauren, GRAD Student

·         Bing Wang, Library

·         Bafna, Sonit, Executive Board Liaison


Note: Augustine Esogbue, who had served as SAFAC chair for a few years, retired during the 2010-2011 academic year.  Craig Tovey served as his replacement for the remainder of the year.

SAFAC handled the usual stream of requests for excused absences.  Two items provoked discussion and a refinement of SAFAC policy.  The first was the question of a possible excusal during exam week.  The feeling on the committee was not to excuse such an absence.  The second was a request for excusal of absence in order for the student to travel and make a research presentation.  The student was an employee of GTRI.  Ordinarily SAFAC does not approve absence requests for work-related purposes.  However, in this case it was determined that the work activity had a significant educational component, and the request was granted.

SAFAC met with Dr. Paul Kohn, Vice Provost of Enrollment Services.  Dr. Kohn is considering some changes to enrollment policies and financial aid, to be discussed with SAFAC in the future. 

No issues regarding changes in student admission or readmission policy, procedure, or criteria arose.  No changes to current policies regarding academic standing or classification were recommended.   The Institute may have altered the standing of a small number of students in order to comply with legal requirements regarding immigration, but such determinations are not within SAFAC purview.

SAFAC did not conduct the reviews of counseling, career and academic advising, and orientation programs that it is supposed to do annually.  I apologize, and will be sure not to omit these reviews from our activities in the coming year.