Student Academic & Financial Affairs Committee


January 31, 2008


Minutes of Meeting

Present: Greg Corso (Psych), Reta Pikowsky (Registrar), Mo Li (MSE), Matt Peeples(UG Student), Kapil Gupta (Grad Student), Ed Omiecinski (CoC)


Absent:† Augustine Esogbue (ISYE), Patty Sobecky (Biol), Ruperto Perez (Counseling)


The meeting was called to order by Ed Omiecinski at 2:05PM, in the J.S. Coon building, room 148.


The minutes from last monthís meeting were distributed.† Reta Pikowsky distributed a document detailing the procedure for approving student absences. ††There was further discussion about the document and two additional points were added:


The committee decided to have Reta finalize the document before voting on acceptance of the procedure. The finalized document will be distributed to members via email and a vote will also be taken via email on accepting the described procedure for approving student absences.


Also at the meeting, Greg Corso brought up a potential regulation change with regard to student absences.† Ed Omiecinski agreed to talk to the chair of the Rules and Regulations Committee about this issue.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:55PM.