Student Activities and Financial Affairs Committee

Meeting Notes

Tuesday, December 11, 2012



Present: Tovey (ISyE), De Catanzaro (Library), Wang (Library), Nobles (Honors), Senft (REG- for Reta Pikowsky)


1.       Committee discussed Procedures for Excused Absences.  The Procedure was approved with the following modifications.


-Modify fourth Bullet point on Page Two to read: Events as described under the heading “Individual Students, Not Part of a Recognized Student Group.”


-Update wording of the last two sentences and parenthetical remark in paragraph three on page three to modification requested by Academic Senate.  “In general, excused absences will not be approved for the final examination period, but SAFAC may be petitioned to grant exceptions.”


2.      Members voted and approved notes of the November 13th meeting which lacked a quorum.


3.      Committee discussed communicating the soft guidelines for religious holidays discussed at the November 2012 meeting with the Office of Diversity.  Dr. Nobles will coordinate with them.


4.      Committee questioned its responsibility concerning oversight of Academic Awards and Prizes.  It was agreed that a letter would be sent to the Statutes Committee requesting that it be removed from the SAFAC list of responsibilities.


5.      It was agreed that the following groups would be invited to meetings in the Spring 2013 Term: Career Services, Karen Houston for GTAAN, Dr. Cozzens, and Dr. Potts to discuss student advising.  Bing Wang agreed to contact them.




Dr. Craig Tovey


Minutes submitted by:

Paul Senft for Reta Pikowsky