Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee


Friday, September 21, 2012



Present: Allen (ChBE), Pikowsky (Registrar), Tovey (ISyE), Wang (Library)


Visitors: None


Note: All action items in these minutes require approval by the Academic Senate. 


There was no quorum.


This was the first meeting of the year. In the absence of a quorum, needed to elect the new Chair, Dr. Tovey led the discussion. The attendees made the following recommendations.


         Dr. Tovey will act as Interim Chair until the next meeting when a quorum is reached to elect the new chair.

         Reta Pikowsky will continue to serve as the Secretary.

         The meeting schedule will be from 11-12 on the second Tuesday of each month, with the next meeting on October 9. The Interim Chair asks that all Committee members reserve those dates.

         We have the following agenda items for the next meeting:

o   Review of the excused absence procedure to vote on recent edits

o   Review of the excused absence policy to discuss the two different types of absences events related to academic activity and events where the student is representing GT

o   Registrar will provide a list of excused events for the Committee to review in light of these categories if they are adopted

o   Identify an important topic to pursue so that we are no reactive, but rather proactive as a group.




Reta Pikowsky