Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee

Meeting Notes

January 23, 2014


Attending: Craig Tovey, Paul Senft (for Reta Pikowsky, Christine DeCatanzaro, Greg Nobles, Arjun Meka


There was no quorum. 


1.       In the fall semester we were briefed on student fees.  We discussed what additional information we would like to have regarding student fees and financial situations.  At what rate have fees increased in the past several years?  What is the median or average student debt upon graduation?


2.       We will ask Lisa Mitchum or someone else from Financial Aid to brief us this semester.  To review policies for academic probation, dismissal, and readmission, either Paul Senft or Reta Pikowsky could readily describe current policies.  Readmission has changed: Georgia Tech now provides aids and tools to readmitted students to give them better means to succeed.


3.      There was a short discussion about parts of the SAFAC charge that may be impractical.


4.      We discussed the possibility that Georgia Tech standards for graduation with honors are too low.  A large percentage of students (undergraduates) graduate with honors.  The current requirements are 60 Georgia Tech hours and a GPA of 2.5 or higher.  On one hand, the quality of Georgia Tech students has risen greatly over the past 20 years, as measured by high school GPA and SAT scores. Apparent grade inflation might be due to the higher quality of students rather than a lowering of standards. On the other hand, the general sense of the committee was that honors should be awarded considerably more selectively than they are now.


5.      Arjun Meka briefed us on several proposed school calendar changes, aimed in general at reducing the number of classroom hours per semester.


6.      The rest of our meetings this semester will be from 11:00 to noon on the third Thursday of the month.


7.      Action Items:

a.      Contact Financial Aid to schedule a briefing at one of our future meetings this spring.

b.      Send copy of the SAFAC charge to committee members to initiate email discussion regarding item.



Dr. Craig Tovey, ISyE, Chair