Student Academic & Financial Affairs Committee


April 24, 2009


Minutes of Meeting


Present: Greg Corso (Psych), Augustine Esogbue (ISYE), Reta Pikowsky (Registrar), Susan Burns (CEE).


Absent:  Ruperto Perez (Counseling Center), Kristie Champlin (undergrad rep), Carl Yerger (grad student rep), Tyler Jackson (Undergrad Rep), Mo Li (MSE), Patty Sobecky (Biol).

Guest   :  None


The last meeting of the Spring semester was called to order by Augustine Esogbue at 2:05pm in the J.S. Coon Building, Room 148. This was Dead Week and most of the students were busy wrapping up the semester and thus could not make the meeting. Augustine thanked all present for attending especially during this busy period of the semester. He reviewed the activities of the semester and wanted to reach a resolution on some of the outstanding issues. These include: (i) CIOS and student faculty evaluations/opinion survey especially since the Committee now had the benefit the student Committee members inputs, (ii) providing the Committee’s input to Reta relative to faculty members position on “religious” holidays and class absences.


With respect to CIOS, the Committee recommended further work on it but opined that if the results are to be used for faculty evaluations that would “stick”, then perhaps the Institute must explore the possibility of making CIOS participation a course requirement as well as ways to withhold course grades for those not participating.


With respect to Excuse Absence Policy, the Committee felt that it was sufficiently thorough and yet flexible enough for reasonable interpretation by both faculty and the Registrar’s office. The Committee expressed interest in investigating the effects of the increase in tuition fees being implemented in the Fall semester on various component Institute subsystems. A proactive position was considered instructive. The associated financial stresses on existing systems may become an issue unless steps are taken in advance to preempt their incipience. The announced financial aid program “RAISE” was laudable but it would be interesting to find out how it is working and if it is achieving the desired goals.  Finally, the apparent disparity in the administration of restrictions on students on various forms of financial aid may be a source of potential complaint against the Institute. Specifically, graduate students on financial aid whether teaching or research are prevented from seeking outside employment while the same restraint is not imposed on undergraduate students on various forms of financial aid. It was suggested to invite campus officials dealing directly with these issues to SAFAC meetings to throw some light on these issues from their various perspectives.


The meeting adjourned at 3:05pm.








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