Student Academic & Financial Affairs Committee


February 26, 2009


Minutes of Meeting


Present: Augustine Esogbue (ISYE), Kristie Champlin (undergrad student), Tyler Jackson (undergrad student), and Carl Yager (Grad Student).

Absent: Susan Burns (CEE ), Greg Corso(Psych), Cheryl Gaimon (Mgt.., EB Liaison), Reta Pikowsky (Registrar), Mo Li (MSE), and Patricia Sobecky (Biol),.



The meeting was called to order by Augustine Esogbue at 3:05 PM, in the J.S. Coon Building, Room 148.  This was the 2nd SAFAC scheduled meeting of the Spring semester. The meeting time was chosen to accommodate most of the student members of the Committee who felt it was more agreeable with their schedules and not many faculty/staff found it objectionable. The primary discussion topic centered on the presentation given in the January meeting by Donna Llewellyn dealing with the CIOS (survey, participation, and its intended usage. Copies of Donna Llewellyn’s power point  presentation and the CIOS survey instrument at the January meeting were redistributed. .


We had the benefit of receiving student inputs as opposed to the January meeting which had a preponderance of faculty/staff views. There was a lively discussion on the subject and it was shared that the student government was also interested on the issue. The general feeling expressed by the student members was that if administered properly with increased student participation and emphasis on feedback rather than being viewed as a vehicle for punishing faculty, it could provide for better teaching tool and thus enhanced learning for the students. The task and main issue, they felt, was how to ensure increased participation and a better understanding of its usage. The design and content also needed improvement. The hope is that the CIOS Task Force which consists of 6 faculty and 5 students-3 undergraduate and 2 graduate- will produce a more effective instrument. There is a need for both faculty and students to provide needed inputs to the CIOS Task Force

Members were requested to think of other issues that they will like to see the Committee address.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:00pm.


The following are the current members of the Committee



Elected Member                      Date            School/Dept.       Email Address

Burns, Susan                           [08-11]        CEE          

Corso, Greg                             [06-09]        Psych       

Esogbue, Augustine *               [06-09]        ISyE          

Li, Mo                                      [06-09]        MSE         

Sobecky, Patty                        [06-09]        BIOL         

Pikowsky, Reta                                           Registrar   

Perez, Ruperto M.  - #                                 Counseling

Champlin, Kristie                                        U Student  

Jackson, Tyler                                          U Student             

Yager, Carl                                               G Student             

Gaimon, Cheryl - EB Liaison #