Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee

Meeting Notes

Tuesday, November 13, 2012



Present:   Tovey (ISyE), Sagar (Grad. Student Rep.), Senft (For Pikowsky, Registrar’s Office)


Visitors: None


Committee Membership for 2012-2013:

Allen, Sue Ann



De Catanzaro, Christine



Nobles, Greg


Honors Program

Tovey, Craig *



Wang, Bing



Pikowsky, Reta †


Perez, Ruperto M.  #


Das, Shinjini


U Student

Tucker, Lucy


U Student

Savla, Sagar


G Student

Turner, Debby #

Executive Board Liaison


*Committee Chair

† Secretary

# Without Vote


Note: There was no quorum so the following are unofficial discussions.


1.      Committee members present discussed:

a.      The idea of SAFAC creating soft guidelines for religious holidays. 

                                                              i.      These would be guidelines and would not represent an official policy statement.

                                                           ii.      The Committee Chair, Dr. Tovey, expressed interest in SAFAC sending an email at the beginning of the term that listed all major religious holidays to assist professors when they are scheduling projects and exams. 

b.      Housing fees are a recurring concern.  Committee members are interested in knowing why they are so high compared to other locations in the area. 

                                                              i.      Did the higher number of incoming freshmen affect the setting of the fees? 

                                                           ii.      Did the prices go up because the demand went up?  If so, are these freshmen being taken advantage of?

                                                         iii.      Committee members feel that an accounting of where the money goes should be sought out so that we would know things such as whether the additional revenue from the raised fees replaces funding that used to be provided through state appropriation.

c.       There are some regulations and policies that the Committee would like to review that will be added to future agendas.





Dr. Craig Tovey,

Chair, CHBE


Meeting Notes Submitted by:

Paul Senft, Registrar’s Office for

Reta Pikowsky