Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee


Tuesday, March 13, 2012



Present: Nobles (HTS), de Catanzaro (Library), Tovey (ISyE), Das (SGA, IWC REP), Senft (Registrar)

Visitors: None

Note: All action items in these minutes require approval by the Academic Senate.

1.  The friendly amendment proposed for the Freshman Admission Statement was discussed and approved.  The sentence is now phrased: “The process is structured to build entering classes of students who will:”

2.  The final sentence of “Timeframe and Related Issues of Making Request” in the Institute Excused Absence procedures document has been changed.  The new sentence is: “In general, excused absences will not be approved for the final examination period, but SAFAC may be petitioned to grant exceptions.”  This matter was discussed and approved.  It will be returned to the Academic Senate for approval.

Meeting adjourned.

Reta Pikowsky