Student Academic & Financial Affairs Committee


2007-2008 Annual Report



Committee: Greg Corso (Psych),  Cheryl Gaimon (Mgt) Executive Board Liaison, Mo Li (MSE), Patty Sobecky (Biol), Rita Pikowsky (Registrar), Augustine Esogbue (ISYE), Ruperto Perez (Counseling), Matt Peeples (undergraduate student), Kapil Gupta (graduate student), Ed Omiecinski (CoC) Chair      



The committee met seven times during the academic year.  We performed the following tasks.


         We administered the SAFA class attendance survey, which we developed last year, to additional Georgia Tech students.  In total we collected 713 survey responses.


         We analyzed the survey with the magnificent assistance of Corey Dunn from the Office of Institutional Research and Planning.


         We developed guidelines for approving excused absences and presented them to the Rules and Regulations Committee.  We revised our guidelines based on the feedback we received from that committee. The revised guidelines will be presented to the Rules and Regulations Committee in the fall 2008.


         We examined and approved excused absences for cases that did not follow our guidelines: Solar Decathlon competition, Baja SAE Tennessee and Montreal competitions.  Cases that conformed to our guidelines were handled directly by the Registrar (also a SAFA committee member).