Student Activities Committee

2002-2003 SGA Budget Review



 Members Present: Joseph Jeong(Grad), Justin Evans (UG), Tom Morley (Faculty member), Brent Carter (Chair, Faculty member), Danielle McDonald (Secretary, Student Affairs rep) David Maybury (Joint Campus Organizations Chair, SGA)


Meeting was called to order at 3:06 pm


I.  Introductions


II. Budget Review

David Maybury went over budget.



Brent - Do you look at amount the organization raised?

(a)    – Yes – they have to raise at least 1/3rd.

-  Sports Clubs did a very good job creating budgets.


Brent – Did Student Center and SAC receive enough money to stay in business.

(a)    – Yes – Student Center was very happy because cuts were less than last year.

- SAC is cutting back services because of construction of SAC II.


Brent - Were there any conflicts?

  SAC – office supplies and squash rackets were controversial

  Iranian Student Association – upset because they did not know the student who was defending their budget and their budget got cut big time.  Last year they only asked for $400.  Did not see the need to increase that much.  Still five times last years budget.


Were any organizations cut drastically?

AASU – did not get a lot but never do.  Black history Month hurt them because they included programs that were being done for the first time.  They can ask for them in bills.

Student Center Programs Board – because GT Edge and MOVE are no longer there but came to us asking for more money.


Music Department did a great budget and gave us priorities for funding


ORGT – Undergraduates kept cutting just because, but in Conference Committee they went back to the original budget.

Joseph – Rental fees, what happens to those?

David – that amount gets subtracted from the budget.


Where does SGA budget get approved and come from?

Both houses.


Budget is based on attendance from last year and multiplied by fees.

Next year we will receive a fee increase since SAC budget will balloon with SAC II.

SGA Banquet – normally cut food.

Treasurer – the job is no longer big.


Graduate Conference Fund – What is that?

When graduate students want to go to a conference they apply for money from the fund.


Undergraduates budget covers SGA’s real operating budget.


David – We used to write the budget in the red and still have surplus because attendance went up. Now, since attendance numbers are staying the same, we have to plan in the black.


Do we have guidelines that are specified for each group like for cultural groups?

No, no the guidelines are universal

Typically, what cultural organizations ask for we do not fund according to policy.


What is the MOVE office?

Community Service Office on campus


What are member numbers?

That is the number of people that are a part of the organization.

What are the largest Tier 3 organizations?

AASU, India Club, Sailing Club, Iranian Student Association, Rowing Club and Yellow Jacket Flying Club


David - Yellow Jacket Flying Club – problems because they are not following JCOC policies, if they do not submit a new constitution their budget will be pulled.


Brent - David, you did a great job.


Brent Carter moved and Joseph Jeong seconded the motion to approve the 2002-2003 SGA Budget


Unanimously approved.