Student Activities Committee Minutes

December 9, 2014, 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.  
Pine Room


Members Present: Cathy Carpenter (Faculty, Chair), Kelly Cross (Student Affairs, Secretary), William Baer (Faculty), Bette Finn (Faculty), Justin Eisenberg (UGR), Jennifer Abrams (UGR)


Non-members Present: Domenic Carr (SPIE), Tom Bongiorno (BGA), Faisal Ahmed (BSAGT)


Members Absent: Matthew Miller (GR)


Old Business




I.                   New Business


Constitution Reviews


BioEngineering Graduate Association (BGA)


Page 1 – Article IV – remove plurals from chair positions

Page 2 – Article IV – remove plurals from chair positions; Article IV Section G – add the words “ record and” before “distribute”; Article VI Section 2 – add text from example constitution which states where the petition shall be presented

Page 3 – Article VIII – edit advisor section to reflect the advisor can be any faculty/staff member and update remainder of the article to reflect officer election and removal processes; Article X – make Robert’s Rule plural; Article XII – update to state members present

Page 4 – no changes

Cathy Carpenter motioned to approve pending changes.
William Baer seconded.

Unanimously approved.


Bangladesh Student Association (BSAGT)


Page 1 – Article 1 – Strike “Georgia Tech” before the name of the organization; Article II Section D – Add “Informally” to the beginning and delete text following “support”

Page 2 – Article IV Section B – Add the word “as” after “activity”; Article V Section A – modify to remove “end of the Spring Semester” and state new time period over the summer; Section B – strike “at the end of the semester” and state “the election”; Section D – add sentence regarding how to resolve a tie

Page 3 – Article IV Section E – strike section E; Article VI Section C – update to language of model constitution

Page 4 – no changes

Page 5 – no changes

Cathy Carpenter motioned to approve pending changes.

Christophe Ippolito seconded.

Unanimously approved.


Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)


Page 1 – State full name of organization at top of constitution; Add created on and revised on dates; check that throughout the document the Chapter Executive Board is consistently worded and capitalized; Article 3 Section 3.3 – Add veteran status, gender, sexual orientation; Article 5 – add Article IV section 1 and 2 from example constitution; Article 6 Section 6.4 – add that SGA/JCOC approval required and copy this section word for word in Bylaws Amendment processes

Page 2 – Article 1 Section 1.1 clarify that SPIE-ISOP only sets national dues which are paid directly to SPIE-ISOP headquarters, 1.3 – State chapter dues are determined by the Chapter Executive Board; Article 2 Section 2.12 – combine with Article 3 Section 3.4 and move under Article 2 or Article 3.

Page 3 – Article 7 Section 7.4 – state which vote of members expends funds (majority? plurality?); Article 8 Section 8.1 – delete 8.1; 8.2 – clarify the President is appointing those committees

Page 4 – Article 9 Section 9.1 – state advisor will have approval from “their” Department Chair; Article 11 Section 11.2 – Clarify the organization will be placed on SPIE-ISOP probationary status; Article 12 – State “Bylaws Amendment” and match this amendment process to constitutional amendment process

Page 5 – Remove Signature of Advisor

Cathy Carpenter motioned to approve pending changes.

Kelly Cross seconded.

Unanimously approved.


Students Consulting for Non-Profit Organizations


Page 1 – Article III Section 3 – Clarify who has the final say in membership the local chapter or nationals, clarify what the national application is (scoring guide? Application online?), state application and scoring rubrics will be made public prior to member applications, clarify what the interviews lead to (do interviewers score and then that feeds into overall score, etc); Article IV Section 2, 2 – Add the VP External Affairs will serve in absence of president

Page 2 – Article V Section 3  - use language from model constitution for nomination component

Page 3 – Article VII Section A – remove “A” as it is the only section it does not need delineation and clarify who assigns students to teams in this section and officer descriptions; Section 1 – clarify which vote of executive board (majority?)

Page 4 – Article IX – rework to math example constitutional; Article X – remove second sentence

Quorum of the committee was not present for this discussion so no motion or vote was made.