Student Activities Committee Minutes

December 3, 2010


Members Present: Bruce Henson (Faculty member, Chair), Bette Finn (Faculty member), Mary-Frances Panettiere (Faculty member), Will Runge (GSS Student Representative), Matlock Rogers (SGA student representative), Danielle McDonald (Student Affairs representative, Secretary), David Scott (Faculty Member), Bob Fox (Executive Committee Liaison),  Yash Ghogre (SGA student representative), Michael Best (Faculty Member)


Members Absent: none


Old Business


Student Organizations Code of Conduct – Dean Chris Schmidt, Dean John Stein

Chris and John explained the changes that had made to the original code.

The two biggest changes were:

Adding a peer judicial board option for all organizations, revision to the hazing definition


Committee suggested we add mission to the organizational purpose so it now reads:

“Hazing”  is conduct, whether on or off Institute property, which exceeds the normal expectations of the organizational purpose or mission and which a)endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student as a condition of affiliation with a group or organization and/or b)which is sufficiently severe or pervasive enough to interfere with academic expectations.


Numbering will also be changed to fit with the Code of Conduct


Definitions and Board of Regents policy on Drugs and Alcohol will also be included from original code.


Mary-Frances moved and Will seconded the motion to approve the Code with the stipulated changes.

Unanimously approved


New Business


Robotics Graduate Student Organization – Jake Huckaby, Rahul Chipalhalthe

Discussion: clarifications in name, membership, elections,  officer removal and formatting.


Mary-Frances moved and Matlock seconded the motion to approve the charter with the stipulated changes

Unanimously approved


Pre-Veterinary Medical Association – Cindy Wang

Discussion: minor formatting clarifications


Matlock moved and Mary-Frances seconded the motion to approve the charter with the stipulated changes

Unanimously approved