Student Activities Committee Minutes

December 2, 2013, 8 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
Pine Room


Members Present: Bruce Henson (Faculty, Chair), Kelly Cross (Student Affairs, Secretary), Cathy Carpenter (Faculty), Christophe Ippolito (Faculty), Johann Weber (GR)


Non-members Present: Emily Ard (FSLO), Chris Detring (CHI)


Members Absent: Justin Luk (UGR), Brandie Banner (UGR), Bette Finn (Faculty), Lewis Wheaton (Faculty), Micah Coleman (EBR)


Old Business




I.                   New Business


Constitution Reviews


Freshman Servant Leadership (FSLO) –


Page 1 – add created on and revised on date, add page numbers to all pages… clarify somewhere in the document that hereafter “officers” refers to only first-year positions and “directors” refers to only upperclassmen students.

Page 2 – Article IV Section 2 clarify “upperclassmen” by year rather than credit hour

Page 3 – Article IV Section 2 (Director Positions) F clarify these positions will be elected annually (rather than holding the position for two years)…Change “A” (First-Year Officer Positions) to “B”

Page 4 – Article IV Section 2 (First-Year Officer Positions) D add “an elected first-year member” like above

Page 5 – Article V Section B b clarify what vote of the executive board makes election decisions (majority/plurality), change “must” in last sentence to “can” … Article V change “A” (Officer Positions) to “B” … clarify that officer elections will take place two weeks after the meeting of the first year cohort…clarify the election timeline will be announced to members at the first, first-year meeting of the year.

Page 6 – no changes

Page 7 – Article VIII Section E change “adviser” to “Advisor”

Page 8 – Article XI Section D remove “the” in line one


Collaborative Homelessness Initiative (CHI) –


Page 1 – Article III Section A add “Categories of membership include:” to the end of the paragraph.

Page 2 – no changes

Page 3 – Article IV Section II F add period to end of bullet point “2” … add “strategy” after “communication” in bullet point “3” … Section III strike bullet point “D” … modify timeline on “E” so that officers will take office on the last meeting of the semester…Article V move bullet point “A” to end of section and move up “D” to be the first part of the section…modify “B” to add “excluding standing committees”

Page 4 – Article VI section II A add “a” before 2/3rds…Section B strike last sentence, change majority vote to 2/3rds…Article VII A include “…not be less than the minimum required by JFC quote”

Page 5 – Article IX Section B remove underline…Section D capitalize “committee” in Student Activities committee