Student Activities Committee Minutes

November 18, 2013, 8 a.m. – 9 a.m.
Pine Room


Members Present: Bruce Henson (Faculty member, Chair), Kelly Cross (Student Affairs representative, Secretary), Cathy Carpenter (Faculty member), Bette Finn (Faculty member), Christophe Ippolito (Faculty Member) Lewis Wheaton (Faculty Member), Johann Weber (UGR)


Non-members Present: Gerome Stephens (Leadership & Civic Engagement), Susan Su (Flow Tech), Roma Amin (Pulse), Caitlin Curtsinger (TechList), Obiora Anabeche (Barbell Club)


Members Absent: Justin Luk (UGR), Brandie Banner (UGR)


Old Business




I.                   New Business


Constitution Reviews


Barbell Club

Discussion – Introduction, purpose and history

Page 1 – Lose hereafter in the opener, Article 4, officers section 1: don’t need section – duplicated under membership A. Include revised Date at top.

Motion to approve with changes by carpenter, seconded by finn…unanimously approved.



Discussion – Introduction to organization,

Page 1 – Question about if Associate Members are necessary, Article 4 E (capitalize Class Reps            for consistency), Article 4 F – 5th year and formalize a representative for graduate students,

Page 2 – Article 5, officer elections D – clarify executive board voting proceedures

Motion to approve by Ippolito, seconded by Wheaton, unanimously approved.



Discussion – Introduction to Pulse and what it is about (so exciting!)

Page 1 – Article 3 B – leave out members only can vote because it is above, Article 3 D – clarify who can be a member versus who can perform, spell out who is deciding who are members (by majority of executive board).   Move Team Manager to the top of officers

Page 3 – Article VI – write in all members can petition to remove, Article VII – change to Team Manager

Motioned to approve with changes Ippolito, seconded by Wheaton, Unanimously approved.


Flow at Tech

Discussion – History of club and description of what “Flow”

Page 1 – Add a created and revised date, Article 3 B – add spouses and domestic partners of student members, 3 D – clarify membership will be revisited each year.

Page 2 – Article V – write in when new officers take effect, modify to read “officer elections” rather than “president elections”

Motion to approve pending changes by Ippolito, seconded by Carpenter, unanimously approved.


            MIS Club

Discussion – Introduction to the organization, history, events, out of Scheller, advisor is Michael Smith.

Page 1 – Article IV – Section 1 – Strike last sentence in good standing, write out MIS in title, Section 4 offices, Section 2 B Vice President -

Page 2 – C – Vice President – Remove club advisor from “coordinating section”, F – responsible “for” informing members, Article 5 officer elections – specify one month before and take out once a year finals

Page 3 – Article 6 office removal A – add “immediately”, describe vote as found in C (copy A, B, and C from template).

            Page 4 – Article 3 – remove subsection “a” and make it section “F”

            Motioned to approve pending changes by Carpenter seconded by Weber.