Student Activities Committee Minutes

November 13, 2014, 11 a.m. – 12 noon
Pine Room


Members Present: Cathy Carpenter (Faculty, Chair), Kelly Cross (Student Affairs, Secretary), William Baer (Faculty), Bette Finn (Faculty), Justin Eisenberg (UGR), Matthew Miller (GR), Andrew Block (UGR)


Non-members Present:


Members Absent: Lewis Wheaton (Faculty), William Baer (Faculty), Christophe Ippolito (Faculty)


Old Business




I.                   New Business


Constitution Reviews


Starter Bikes


Page 1 – Ensure “TIP” is used consistently throughout the document; check for capitalization consistency; strike (TIP) from the top header; Article 2 add the word “of” after “purpose”.

Page 2 – Article 4, Section 2, B – clarify the president cannot serve two consecutive years; D – add a comma after “fundraising” and strike the word “for” immediately following “fundraising, strike “and fundraising at the end of the sentence (repetition). F – Rework to indicate only for standing committees.

Page 3 – Article 5, D – clarify “president and advisor(s) will conduct application and interview process; E – indicate which person has the final say if there is a disagreement between the outgoing and incoming president; H – rather than a no confidence clause, reword to be a “affirmation clause”. So that the president’s decisions are “affirmed” by members and determine what vote will constitute the affirmation (majority vote? majority vote of those present?).

Page 4 – Article 6, A – Article “4” should be “Article IV” to comply with Roman numeral formatting in the rest of the document; D – Article VI should be Article V

Page 5 – Article 7, Section 2, B – Change “whom” to “who”; Article 8, C – change “officer elections” to “officer selections” and add the word “a” in the last sentence “must be a majority”

Page 6 – Article 11, B – change to “two weeks” advance notice.

Kelly Cross motioned to table the vote pending updates to affirmation clause.
William Baer seconded.

Unanimously approve.


Triangle Fraternity


Page 1 – Add revised date; Article 3, Section 2 – change “member” to “members”; Section 2 – Change spouses  “of” to spouses “or”; Section 3 – change “membership” to “members”; Section 4 – clarify students must attend one event or meeting per semester; can remove section headers if there is only one section. 

Page 2 – no changes

Page 3 – no changes

Page 4 – no changes

Christophe Ippolito motioned to approve pending changes.

William Baer seconded.

Unanimously approved.


Sting Hunger


Page 1 – no changes

Page 2 – Article 4, Section 2, B – clarify duties of vice-president; E – change “presiding” to “conducting”; Article 5, G – clarify the vote needed to pass a decision by the executive board; Article 6, A – change “4” to roman numeral for consistency

Page 3 – Strike Article 6, C

Page 4 – Article 11, C – indicate a quorum is required or change to total membership

William Baer motioned to approve pending changes.

Christophe Ippolito seconded.

Unanimously approved.


Phi Beta Lambda


Page 1 – Article 3, Section 1, B – add domestic partners; D – change “year” to “semester”

Page 2 – Article 4, Section 3 – add election timeline text; Add a bullet to state no member may be elected to more than one officer position at a time.

Page 3 – Article 4, D – clarify the “Executive Vice President” will take the place of the president; Article 3 should be Article 4 in roman numerals and Section C should be Section 3 also in roman numerals.

Page 4 – The last article should be Article IX rather than Article IV.

Christophe Ippolito motioned to approve pending changes.

Justin Eisenberg seconded.

Unanimously approved.