Student Activities Committee Minutes

November 4, 2013, 8 a.m. – 9 a.m.
Pine Room


Members Present: Bruce Henson (Faculty member, Chair), Kelly Cross (Student Affairs representative, Secretary), Cathy Carpenter, Bette Finn (Faculty member), Christophe Ippolito (Faculty Member) Lewis Wheaton (Faculty Member),


Non-members Present: Zhuomng Yi (Coszar), Courtney Wadjaja (Society for BioDiversity) Henry Mei (eSports), Sameera Omar (Joule), Chintan (Joule).


Members Absent:, Justin Luk (UGR), Ariana Daftarian (UGR), Micah Coleman (EB Liaison)


I.                   Old Business




II.                New Business


Constitution Reviews


Discussion – Page 1 – Article 3 membership under A – Can remove those interested in Cosplay – remove the redundancy. Officers section 2 B – Clarify to between Vice-President and Operations officer.

Committee will email to recommend approval.



Discussion – Page 1 – Article 1 Name – “@” and “at” 

Officers under section 2 A – Move last sentence to Article 7 to replace. Article III include spouse.

Committee will email to recommend approval pending changes.


Society for BioDiverstiy

Discussion – turn B into a sentence combining both ideas. Page 2 – B – “Student members” – strike student and leave members. Include “dues” in Treasurers responsibilities. Change “only” to “any.” Page 3 – Officer removal – write in a way for general members – will include “Members.” Include timeline to removal process. D – change “their” to his/her. Include how the new elections will take place. VII – majority vote of the executive board. B. Clarify. Dues – majority vote of the executive board.

Committee will email to recommend approval pending changes.




Discussion –

Page 1 – Remove comma after Joule. Clarify avenue is for college aged students. Include college students from other campuses. B – modify “around” to be “Atlanta area” Coordinate student entrepreneurial activities around the Atlanta area. D – will modify to support grassroots initiatives that align with a spirit of innovation. B – include spouses. Concerned about the interview process – state that you will publicize what the requirements are prior to the application process. Majority of Executive board – not just executive board. Will modify Directors to 2 directors (with whatever titles) and then the tasks. Who will maintain the membership roster, minutes and distribute. Officer Elections under 5 D – for votes can be received secret ballot by email,

F – Remove president, designate which co-director would decide. No – member can be elected to more than one position on the executive board. Make sure amend officer removal portion, which director will step in to vacant positions. Decide whether or not to allow members to remove executive board officers. B – remove “directors”.

The organization will be tabled until an updated constitution has been reviewed by the committee.