Student Activities Committee Minutes

October 22, 2010


Members Present: Danielle McDonald (Student Affairs representative, Secretary), , Yash Ghogre (SGA student representative), Bette Finn (Faculty member), Michael Best (Faculty Member), David Scott (Faculty Member), Mary-Frances Panettiere (Faculty member), Will Runge (GSS Student Representative), Matlock Rogers (SGA student representative)


Members Absent: Bruce Henson (Faculty member, Chair), Bob Fox (Executive Committee Liaison)


Danielle McDonald is chairing the meeting in place of Bruce Henson


Approve September 10 and October 1, 2010 minutes

Discussion: Mary-Frances made some clarifications in the minutes of October 1 regarding the discussion of the Student Organizations Code of Conduct


Mary-Frances moved and Bette seconded the motion to approve the minutes with the clarifications.

Unanimously approved


New Business


Invisible Children Akhil Kumar

Discussion: committee questioned the purpose of the organization, the levels of membership, lack of consistency in positions, the elections process, and the amendment process


Danielle moved and Matlock seconded the motion to table the charter discussion and allow the organization to talk with their advisor and their membership regarding the changes submitted.

Unanimously approved


Taiwanese Student Association Te-Hui Chen, You-Chi Cheng

Discussion: clarificaton in purpose, minor clarifications throughout


Mary-Frances moved and Matlock seconded the motion to approve the charter with the the stipulated changes

Unanimously approved


China Care Shiqing Poh

Discussion: clarification in formatting, elections, and dues


Mary-Frances moved and Matlock seconded the motion to approve the charter with stipulated changes

Unanimously approved