Student Activities Committee Minutes

October 21, 2013, 8 a.m. – 9 a.m.
Pine Room


Members Present: Bruce Henson (Faculty member, Chair), Kelly Cross (Student Affairs representative, Secretary), Cathy Carpenter (Faculty member), Bette Finn (Faculty member), Christophe Ippolito (Faculty Member) Lewis Wheaton (Faculty Member),


Non-members Present: Gerome Stephens (Leadership & Civic Engagement), Miguel Flores (Electronic Music Collective), Nick Flint (Racquetball), Nicola Yu (World Vision).


Members Absent: Justin Luk (UGR), Ariana Daftarian (UGR), Micah Coleman (EB Liaison)


I.                   Old Business




II.                New Business


Constitution Reviews

Electronic Music Collective

Discussion: Modify “email” to “” email. Remove “no GPA requirement.” Article V, Section A remove “approve then.”

Ippolito moved to approve, seconded by Wheaton.

Unanimously approved.


Racquetball Club

Discussion: Change “week” to “month” in officer elections timeline.

Lewis motioned to approve, seconded by Ippolito.

Unanimously approved.


World Vision

Discussion: In Article 2, Section A change “reach” to “help them reach” and in Section B change to “to make a positive contribution.” Add domestic partners. Change “week” to “month.”  Add membership roster to duties of the Secretary. Change “Public Relation” to “Public Relations” and change “add” to “organize.” In Article V, Section D remove the second to the last sentence.

Carpenter motioned to approve, seconded by Ippolito.

Unanimously approved. 


Committee Discussion

The committee discussed the need to ensure effective constitutions for chartering student organizations focused on fundraising and service.