Student Activities Committee Minutes

September 10, 2010


Members Present: Danielle McDonald (Student Affairs representative, Secretary), Bruce Henson (Faculty member - chair), David Scott (Faculty member), Matlock Rogers (SGA student representative), Yash Ghogre ((SGA student representative), Bette Finn (Faculty member), Michael Best (Faculty member), Chris D’urbano (outgoing Exec Liaison)


Members Absent:  Mary-Frances Panettiere (Faculty Member),


I.          Introduction of Members


II.        Election of 2010-2011 Chair

            Bette nominated Bruce Henson, Danielle seconded the nomination


            Unanimously Approved


III.       Appoint 2010-2011 Secretary


            Bruce appointed Danielle McDonald as secretary


IV.       Approval of summer minutes

            July 9, 2010; July 16, 2010; July 23, 2010


            Bette moved and Matlock seconded the motion to approve the minutes


Unanimously approved


V.        Approve 2009-2010 Annual Report


Matlock moved and Yash seconded the motion to approve the Annual Report


Unanimously approved


VI.       Other Business

David Scott requested we schedule into one of the meetings to discuss Savannah and their Student Activities.  It was agreed that Danielle would work to put that in a future meeting.