Special Student Activities Committee Meeting

May 4, 2011


Committee members present: Mary-Frances Panettiere (Faculty member), Bruce Henson (Faculty member, Chair), Matlock Rogers (SGA rep), Will Runge (SGA rep, JFC Committee rep)


Meeting minutes prepared by: Danielle McDonald (Secretary)


(According to the statues of the Faculty Senate’s Student Activities Committee an equal number of students and faculty/staff need to be on a special committee to approve the budget)


Danielle described the budget process outlining how organizations submit their budgets, the review process by the Joint Finance Committee, the approval process of the Undergraduate House and Graduate Senate, and finally the Joint Conference Committee.



This year $5,012,479 million dollars requested, $4,333,277 million dollars was allocated out of the 4.5 million estimated


                                                Requested                   Allocated

Tier 1                                       $3,284,741                  $3,024,149

Tier II                                      $1,138,617                  $924,685

Tier III                                   $589,121                     $384,442

Cultural                      $55,055                       $5,036

Special Interest           $136,011                     $102,485

Sports Clubs                $398,055                     $276,921


Will Runge noted:


·                New to this year were mandatory orientations.  You will see that if an organization received $0 that means they did not attend the orientation


·                Some cuts that were made across the board were that most Tier III organizations were held to the same budgets as last year, cut travel to 5 trips, cut TQ ads to 1, didn’t allocate to any expenses not pertaining to the mission of the organization


·                Some organizations got more than requested because they were added in JFC or legislative meetings


·                Biggest debates this year were about the Student Center Programs Council request to fund a concert, and IFC request to increase stipends, which was denied.


Mary-Frances moved and Bruce seconded the motion to approve the budget


Unanimously approved