Special Student Activities Committee Meeting

April 29th, 2009


Committee members present: Brent Carter (chair), Bruce Hensen (faculty), Azhar Mithawala (SGA rep), Kunal Parbadia (SGA rep)


Guests: Alina Staskevicius (Undergrad SGA President), Linda Harley (Graduate Student SGA President), Nick Wellkamp (former Undergraduate SGA President)


Minutes prepared by: Danielle McDonald (Secretary)


(According to the statues of the Faculty Senate’s Student Activities Committee an equal number of students and faculty/staff need to be on a special committee to approve the budget)


SGA described the budget process outlining how organizations submit their budgets, the review process by the Joint Finance Committee, the approval process of the Undergraduate House and Graduate Senate, and finally the Joint Conference Committee.



·                This year there were 5.3 million dollars requested from the 4.3 million dollar budget estimated.


·                There was much debate within the students regarding stipends.  20 organizations requested budgets for the first time, and 1 new professional position (accountant for SGA moved from Dean of Students budget) was created and put under the Graduate Senate budget.


·                Student Center Programs Council was funding for Sting Break and Homecoming concerts which were previously funded in bills.  This allows them to book earlier and at discount.


The committee asked questions about why sports clubs received more funding than other organizations, it was explained that sports clubs do a very good job of preparing their budgets and are given travel money since it is the purpose of their organization.


The committee also pointed out some formula issues with the spreadsheet, it was explained that those are fixed before the budget is submitted in the accounting system, but the line items are what is allocated to them.


Azhar moved and Bruce seconded the motion to approve the budget


Unanimously approved