Student Activities Committee Minutes
April 21, 2014 11:30  a.m. to 1 p.m.
Spring Room Student Center Commons

Members Present: Bruce Henson (Faculty, Chair), Kelly Cross (Student Affairs), Cathy Carpenter (Faculty), Bette Finn (Faculty), Micah Coleman (EBR), Lewis Wheaton (Faculty), Christophe Ippolito (Faculty), Johann Weber (Grad SGA), Brandie Banner (Undergrad SGA)

Non-Members Present: Ethan Hayes (Fellowship of Christian Students), Yurancy Quinones (Transfer Student Association), Amy Hartman (Young Life College)

I.  New Business


Meeting Minutes

April 7, 2014 meeting minutes approved.




Transfer Student Association

Page 1 – No change.

Page 2 – Article IV, state which officer will be responsible for membership roster and distributing minutes. Article V section E, clarify officers shall remain in office for one year.

Page 3 – No changes

Page 4 – Article VII, clarify process for creating standing committees.

Page 5 – Article XI, strike the last sentence in section A.


Weber motioned to approve pending changes, Wheaton seconded. Unanimously approved.


Fellowship of Christian Students

Page 1 – Johann asked for clarification of organization purpose

Article 2 affiliation, section 2 – “will be to help” – can you elaborate that the non-students will not have an active decision making role – use words like “advise” rather than “will be to help”.

Date created it, date revised.

Page 2 –  Article 4 – D – all member active status will be reset annually at the end of the spring semester, Officer Elections – add clause stating will be announced 2 weeks in advance. Officer positions – list who will collect dues and management of funds – add treasurer responsibilities.

Page 3 – Article 6 – C, add “at the same time” Article 7 – A, Article 5 (rather than 4), D. Article VI rather than the article listed. Article 8 – small group leaders, Section 2. C – cut the phrase “agreeable to both”

Page 4 – Small Group – section 3 and section 4, A – rather than “select” state “will, with the support of the campus minister/advisor, select the”

Page 5 – Article 10 – advisor renumber from Article VIII to article 10.

Page 6 – no changes.


Carpenter motioned to approve pending changes, Weber seconded. Unanimously approved.


Young Life College
Page 1 – No change

Page 2 – No change

Page 3 – No change

Page 4 – No change

Wheaton motioned to approve, Weber seconded. Unanimously approved.