Student Activities Committee Minutes

March 24, 2014, 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Pine Room


Members Present: Bruce Henson (Faculty, Chair), Kelly Cross (Student Affairs, Secretary), Cathy Carpenter (Faculty), Bette Finn (Faculty), Micah Coleman (EBR), Lewis Wheaton (Faculty), Johann Weber (GR), Brandie Banner (UGR)

Non-members Present: Courtney Miller (Capoeira), Ryan Doll (SAME), Jorge Mena (MEDLIFE), Lalit Devraj (Buzzbeats)

I.                   New Business

Constitution Reviews

Cordao De Ouro Capoeira

Page 1 – Ensure consistency of organization name throughout document, Article III, section D – add “and pays all dues for the semester”
Page 2 – Write in process for elections rather than appointments, ensure other referencing articles and sections comply with this change. Article VI, section A – should reference Article 4, Section 1
Page 3 – no changes.
Page 4 – no changes.

Christophe motioned to approve pending changes, Wheaton seconded. Unanimously approved. 




Page 1 – Add name of organization to top of document.
Page 2 –
Page 3 –
Page 4 –
Banner motioned to approve pending changes, Carpenter seconded. Unanimously approved.

Page 1 – Article II, section 1, check spacing, periods and spelling. Include “and other communities” after “Tanzania.”
Page 2 – Reword anti-discrimination statement to allow for change within GT/Medlife National policies. Article IV, section III - check for complete sentences within position descriptions.
Page 3 – Article IV, section III – assign dues collection, membership roster and minute distribution to an officer. Article V, section I, subsection D – clarify that no member can be elected to more than one position at one time.
Page 4 – no changes
Page 5 – Article VIII, section F – should reference Article VIII, rather than Article VI. Rework bylaws section to clarify how bylaws are created and what vote will modify them.
Ippolito motioned to approve pending changes, Wheaton seconded. Unanimously approved.

Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Student Chapter
Page 1 – Article I, section A – add the word “as” after “referred to,” Article III, section A – strike “including” and replace with “both,” Section C – add “completes” before “nationals”
Page 2 – check anti-discrimination policy, Article IV, section B – check capitalizations, put “or appoint an officer to ensure communication of information between post and student chapter” within parentheses. Strike “their” and replace with his/her, or use “their” consistently, note the Secretary should also “distribute” the minutes.
Page 3 – Article VI, section A – should reference Article A, Section 1 rather than Article 4.
Page 4 – reword Article VII, section B and C for clarity and effectiveness.
Page 5 – no changes.
Wheaton motioned to approve pending changes, Banner seconded. Unanimously approved.