Student Activities Committee Minutes

February 10, 2014, 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Pine Room


Members Present: Bruce Henson (Faculty, Chair), Kelly Cross (Student Affairs, Secretary), Cathy Carpenter (Faculty), Bette Finn (Faculty), Christophe Ippolito (Faculty), Micah Coleman (EBR), Lewis Wheaton (Faculty), Johann Weber (GR), Brandie Banner (UGR)


Non-members Present: Ryan Pierce (Unicycling Club), Michael McKenzie (Hapkido)

Members Absent: Lewis Wheaton (Faculty), Micah Coleman (EBR)


I.                   New Business


Constitution Reviews


Unicycling Club


Page 1 – Article II, section A – add an “s” after “share,” add the word “a” after “shares.” State which officer shall record proceedings of meetings and distribute minutes. Add page numbers.

Page 2 – Article VII – state what vote would warrant removal of a member.

Page 3 – Article IX, section F – should reference Article IX, rather than Article VIII.

Carpenter motioned to approve pending changes, Ippolito seconded. Unanimously approved.  


Hapkido at GT


Page 1 – Article III, section B – state the waivers should be signed each semester. Add page numbers.

Page 2 – Article VII, section A, should read as stated in the GT Catalog and Article 5, rather than Article 4.

Page 3 – Article IX, section F – should reference Article IX rather than Article VIII.

Page 4 – no changes.

Ippolito motioned to approve pending changes, Carpenters seconded. Unanimously approved.




Page 1 – Ensure consistency with periods at the end of sections, Article III, section D – remove “the two directors of Joule, along with” and restate as “the executive board”.

Page 2 – check for consistency of capitalization with “Executive Board,” Article IV, section A – only one officer can preside at meetings (clarify which one), include taking and distributing minutes to one officer position, remove “as defined below” from section B, Article V, section E – clarify that it is one position at one time.

Page 3 – Article VI, section B – remove extra commas, section D – state it is the Treasurer who will be the nominated position. Article VIII, section B – remove the word “Directors” before “the Executive Board.”

Page 4 – Article XI, add a section D which states what vote of membership is required for an amendment to pass.
Weber motioned to table the vote, seconded by Finn. Unanimously approved.
On February 17, 2014 – Weber motioned to approve the organization as is via an electronic vote. Cross seconded. Unanimously approved.