Academic Services Committee


October 10, 2006



Members Present:  Bill Ballard (Exec. Board), Jeffrey Donnell (ME)(Chair), Margaret Loper (GTRI), Jim Sowell (PHYS), Myrtle Turner (GTRI), Alex Wang (SGA), Jane Weyant (CoE).


Members Absent:  Nancey Green Leigh (CRP), Judith Norback (ISyE).


Visitor:  Deborah Greene, Interim Director of Capital Planning and Space Management


1.        The meeting came to order at 1:05 p.m. on October 10, 2006 in room 405 of Tech Tower. 


2.        Deborah Greene gave an overview of Georgia Tech’s Master Plan and the processes by which Georgia Tech plans building construction and renovation.  The following points were made:

·         Georgia Tech’s Campus Master Plan is available at this address:

Links from this page open the overall Master Plan, detailed plans for particular sections of the campus, and related initiatives for sustainability, for landscaping and the like. 

·         This Campus Master Plan was developed in 2004, and is revisited regularly. 

·         Plans are being developed for numerous projects, including new buildings and renovations of existing buildings; not all of these projects will be built, and plans commonly change. 

·         Planning takes place well in advance for construction of new buildings and for renovation of existing buildings.  For example, planning for the Undergraduate Learning Center, which has yet to be built, began in 2000. 

·         All building projects are developed with respect to the users’ desires for a good educational environment, for a good research environment, and for a pleasing campus environment. 

·         Project planning also includes efforts to account for the impact of a building on its surroundings, including changes in pedestrian traffic, handicap access, the need for parking, the impact on utilities, and the like. 

·         Sustainability has become an important part of the planning process for both new construction and for renovation of existing buildings.  Sustainability concerns include efficient use of energy, ease of maintenance, management of liquid (both stormwater runoff and air conditioner drainage) and installation of landscaping that will grow well in Georgia. 

·         Because development at Georgia Tech impacts the surrounding neighborhoods, Campus Planning maintains contact with neighborhood associations in the area. 


3.        Ms. Greene announced that beginning November 1, 2006, Howard Wertheimer will be the Director of Capital Planning and Space Management at GT. 


4.        The next meeting of the Academic Services Committee will take place on November 14, at 1:00 p.m. in room 305 of Tech Tower.  The guest will be Richard Meyer, Director of the Georgia Tech Library. 


5.        The meeting was adjourned at 2:05 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey Donnell