Welfare and Security Committee



November 9, 2005

French Building, Room 201 3:00PM



WSC Members Present: Mary Ann Ingram, Chair (ECE), Carole Moore, Jilda Garton (GTRC), Jane Weyant (COE), Tom Akins (DOPP) Ex-officio, James Wei, (student).

Guest:  Monty Hayes, (ECE)


1.      The minutes of the October 5, 2005 meeting were approved as presented.


2.      Monty Hayes gave a report on the newly-formed committee of the Executive Board on faculty governance and development at remote campuses.  The committee will focus on identifying issues, not providing solutions.  There followed a lengthy discussion of the issues that will need to be examined.  These include 1) RPT evaluation, 2) accountability in study abroad classes, 3) questions about faculty who are hired abroad, 4) intellectual property, 5) creation of entities, 6) export control, 7)Memoranda of Understanding,  and others.  The conclusion was that the role of the Welfare and Security Committee would be to provide input to Monty on these issues and also be able to comment on the committee’s final report.  To do that, we will need more information on the issues.  Jane Weyant agreed to attend the committee’s next meeting on December 1, and Jilda Garton will furnish WSC with copies of the Export Control Review form and the Advisory for Travelers.


3.      Frank Lambert was not able to attend the meeting but provided copies of the minutes of the ad hoc committee on AED’s for our review. Mary Ann expressed some concern about working solely with Cardiac Sciences, and it was agreed that we would ask Purchasing not to rely solely on one vendor in writing the RFP.  We will ask the AED ad hoc committee what kind of timeline we can expect.  James questioned the exclusion of the residence halls and frat houses, and Mary Ann suggested that they send their concerns to Frank.  We may look at this issue at a later date.


4.      On other topics:


a)      We agreed to tell Teresa Crocker that we need cross walk signs on 10th Street, at Hemphill, State and Atlantic.

b)      We will also ask Teresa for an update on motorized carts

c)      We will ask Bob Furniss for an update on the Parking budget


5.   Next Meeting – is scheduled for Wednesday. Dec. 7 at 3:00 in the French Building, Room 201.