The Statutes Committee meFebruary 19, 2002, at 12 noon.Members present were Sandra Corse, Chris Nelson, Anne Salter, Marc Smith, and Will Wenck.



1.The minutes for February 5 were approved as corrected.


2.The committee considered further changes recommended by the Executive Board and Student Regulations Committee, because the changes recommended at the January 22 meeting included specifying the Registrar as Secretary of this committee.However, correspondence between Sandra Corse and Jo McIver subsequent to that meeting revealed that the Registrar does not and has never served as secretary to the Student Regulations Committee.Therefore the Statutes Committee approved the following wording to replace the wording approved January 22. Student Regulations Committee shall consist of four members of the Corps of Instruction, elected from the Academic Faculty, two administrators elected from the Academic Faculty, two undergraduate students with at least junior standing elected by the Student Council, and one graduate student elected by the Graduate Student Senate.The Registrar shall serve as an ex officio voting member.The Chair shall be elected annually by the Committee from among the elected Corps of Instruction members.The Secretary shall be appointed by the Chair from among the other members.The Administrator in charge of student affairs shall be an ex officio member without voting rights.


3.The Statutes Committee had been asked to reconsider changes recommended by the Student Honor Committee.However, after discussion, the Statutes Committee agreed that the description of the Student Honor Committee membership in should not altered.The Statutes Committee recommends that the Student Honor Committee follow procedures outlined in (2) for providing substitutes for members who cannot attend meetings.


4.The Statutes Committee consideredrequested by the Faculty Status and Grievance Committee and the Executive Board.The following changes were approved:


A.Omit section (2) (as recommended by the FSAG Committee):


B.Alter wording forsection (4).The Statutes Committee understands that the FSAG Committee does not usually undertake this annual review but was reluctant to remove it from the Bylaws entirely (as recommended by the FSAG Committee).Instead, we are recommending that the wording be changed as indicated in boldface in order to remove the requirement that this review be conducted annually but to leave in the statutes the possibility that such a review may be done at some point in the future: Committee may occasionally review shall make an annual review of and furnish recommendations to the General Faculty for the transmission to the President concerning the general policy of the Institute with regard to salary scales, tenure, teaching loads, leaves of absence, and other matters of a similar nature pertaining to members of the General Faculty.It shall also investigate and report on variations in the application of such policies. The Committee will furnish recommendations from such a review to the General Faculty for transmission to the President.


C.Change wording of section2.4.6.1.(c) (5) (as recommended by the FSAG Committee with slight emendation): Committee shall receive from any General Faculty member information,suggestions, grievances, or criticisms concerning any aspect of the Institute operations or relations between or among faculty members.It shall evaluate these and transmit constructive criticism and recommendations to appropriate individuals or committees or directly to the General Faculty.


D.Change wording concerning procedures for record-keeping by the FSAG Committee (as recommended by the FSAG Committee): of Committee proceedings and supporting documents shall be preserved by the Secretary.The Committee shall deny access to these records and documents to all persons not directly involved. At the end of each academic year, the Chair shall transmit to the Secretary of the Faculty the relevant records of the FSGC for appropriate archiving.


E.      Renumber all sections under to reflect these changes.


These changes, if they meet the approval of the FSAG Committee, will be presented to the Executive Board on April 9 and, with the EBís approval, forwarded to the Faculty Senate for a first reading.


5.The committee continued its ongoing consideration of redundancy and revision of sections of Statutes and Handbook dealing with Promotion, Tenure, Hiring, and Dismissal.Members agreed to examine specific examples of redundancies in the Statutes and Bylaws concerning these topics with the intention of omitting them from the Statutes and Bylaws and revising the coverage of these topics in the Faculty Handbook.