Welfare and Security Committee



May 3, 2006

A. French Building, Room 210 3:00PM



WSC Members Present: Mary Ann Ingram, Chair (ECE);Carole Moore (Provost);  (GTRC); Jilda Garton (GTRC), Hal Irvin (Org Dev), and Tom Akins (DOPP) ex-officio.  Guest: Hans Klein (Public Policy)


  1. The February 8 minutes need editing; Tom, Jilda, and Carole will make the edits.


  1. Hans Klein, Associate Professor in the School of Public Policy, addressed the committee concerning his ideas for information sharing among Georgia Tech Faculty on important topics for which little information is disseminated, such as tax law for faculty working abroad, avoidable pitfalls when selecting retirement instruments, detailed rules for the various health plans, home buying tips, etc.  He suggested a “wikipedia” for individual faculty to post their “lessons learned.”  Various issues were discussed, such as the potential for malicious intent, pros and cons of institutional control, potential use of institutional servers, whether or not to use email alerts and who would make them, use of reviews, how to correct errors, need for moderators, and the benefit to the Institute because employees would be more able to solve their own problems.


  1. Follow-up on the WSC’s protest to the General Faculty, Academic Senate and Academic Faculty on April 18, 2006:  Sue Ann Bidstrup Allen, Assistant to the President, conveyed the President’s interest in this topic and her desire to follow-up with the WSC to investigate the issue.  Jilda’s assistant will make the arrangements for the WSC to meet with Sue Ann sometime during the summer.


  1. Efforts to improve pedestrian safety will be delayed until Fall 2006.


  1. Possible new topics for the Committee to consider next year are Surveillance Cameras and having a Committee representative participate on the next Campus Safety Walk.  Hal will contact Chief Crocker about this.


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Ann Ingram