August 2, 2000


Present: DeWeerth (ME), Hertel (ME), McDowell (ME), Omiecinski (COC), Parsons (DCOM), Will (CEE)

Visitors: Contant (CP), Jayaraman (MGT), Kilroy (GS&R), Matthews (CP)

  1. The College of Architecture requested the approval of the following courses. There was a motion to approve. Motion was seconded and approved. Unanimous
  2. CP 6019 Quantitative and Computer Methods (3-0-3)

    CP 6002 Introduction to Fields of Planning (2-0-2)

  3. A discussion was held concerning transferring an additional three hours of graduate credit for a Masters of Finance degree to be offered by video for GM. Currently the policy is only six hours credit can be transferred towards a graduate degree. The exception would be for this program only and would be from specific universities. The committee expressed that the matter would be considered and that plans for the degree should be continued.
  4. The minutes of the Jun 15, 2000 meeting were approved as corrected.
  5. A motion was made to accept the petition report of the sub-committee. The motion was seconded and approved. Unanimous
  6. Maureen Kilroy asked the committee to consider changing a student from special student to degree seeking even though her institution was not accredited at the time that she earned her degree. After reviewing the student’s credentials, the committee agreed that the status should be changed. In the future, the committee agreed to review similar cases on an individual basis.
  7. Ten student petitions were reviewed by the committee, all were approved:

three – waiver of seven year rule

two – readmitted Fall 2000 - approved

one – late grade change

two – withdrawal from school/class past deadline

one – change academic standing

one – waive residency requirement

one – change from special to degree seeking



M. Jo McIver