Student Academic and Financial Affairs


November 20, 2001



Members Present:   Johnson (LCC), Kurtis (CE), McIver (REG), Usselman (HTS), Wardi (EE)


Visitors:  McMath (PROVOST)



1.      Bob McMath gave a report of advisement activities after mid-term grades.  30% of the freshmen receive one or more U grades.  The academic departments used various procedures for advisement and the input from that advisement is being collected and analyzed.  After final grades are posted, McMath will meet with the committee again to discuss the results and any changes that will be made in the process.


2.  A motion was made to elect Al Feri as chair of the committee for 2001-2.  The motion was seconded and approved.


3.      A motion was made to have committee members continue to monitor the same areas that they did in the previous year.  The motion was seconded and approved.


4.      Steve Usselman distributed a copy of the annual report for 2000-2001.  This report will be submitted to the Academic Senate.






M. Jo McIver