Minutes of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

September 27, 2000


Members Present: Cain (MATH), Eiselt (for Ram - CoC), Evans (Student), Hughes (ECE), Kingsley (PubP), McIver (REG), McMath (Provost), Sankar (AE), Schnieder (DCOM), Shelton (ME), Uhlik (CoA), Wills (ECE)

Visitors: Disabatino (ODOS)


  1. A motion was made to approve the minutes of the July 12, 2000, July 19, 2000, August 2, 2000 and August 25, 2000, as corrected. The motion was seconded and approved. Unanimous.
  2. A motion was made to elect Scott Wills as Vice Chair of the Committee for 2000-2001. The motion was seconded and approved. Unanimous.
  3. Bob McMath discussed the Board of Regents' requirement to review our General Education requirements and establish a plan for assessment. Joe Hughes said that the IUCC should be responsible for the assessment portion of the requirement and suggested that an ad-hoc committee be created that would develop a plan for assessment. The composition of the committee should be:

One member from Social Science

One member from Humanities

Two members from Math/Science

Three members from Management/Architecture/Engineering

Two student members (Freshman and Senior)

Joseph Hoey (ex-officio)

One member from IUCC (ex-officio) Scott Wills


The charge of the committee is:

Review and Update General Education outcomes

Define a plan for assessment of outcomes

Make recommendation as to whether the committee should be made permanent

Final report available March 2001 for April Academic Senate meeting.


A motion was made to approve the recommendation for the ad-hoc committee. The motion was seconded and approved. Unanimous. Hughes and McMath will work with Joseph Hoey to initiate the committee activity.

  1. The Board of Regents requires an assessment of degree programs every seven years. The Statues and Bylaws of Georgia Tech charge the IUCC to review major curricula every five years. Joe Hughes suggested that the IUCC review could be integrated with the degree program review. Hughes will meet with Joseph Hoey to determine what information needs to be sent to the departments so that the curriculum review can be included with the assessment and will report back to the IUCC.
  2. A discussion of Kent Barefield's memo concerning the Studies Abroad Committee was held. It was suggested that the Studies Abroad committee function as an ad-hoc committee of the IUCC this year with two members from the IUCC, and then make it a standing sub-committee of the IUCC in the future. A concern was expressed that the members elected to the committee not all be associated with a studies abroad program. Joe Hughes will meet with Bob McMath, Harvey Charles and Kent Barefield to determine recommendations for the committee.
  3. A discussion was held concerning the size of the IUCC in light of the workload of the committee. The idea of secondary assignments was discussed and the committee felt that this would be one way to manage the responsibilities.

A motion was made to add to the committee a Dean of Students representative as a non-voting, ex-officio member. Motion was seconded and approved. Unanimous.



M. Jo McIver