August 20, 2001



Members Present: Dowling (ARCH), Ferri (ME), Finkelstein (PHYS), Guzdial (COC), Hughes (COC), Kingsley (PUBP), Lacey (MATH), McIver (REG), McMath (Provost), Sankar (AE), Schneider (DCOM), Wills (ECE)


Visitors: Davidson (COE), DiSabitino (ODOS)



1.      The College of Engineering requested that the wording for Core Area B be changed to broaden the definition of courses to be used to satisfy that area. There was discussion related to the General Education Requirements, the assessment of those requirements and how they related to Core Area B. After discussion, a motion was made to change the wording for Core Area B to read:


Any introductory computing and/or programming course approved by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (3 semester hours) plus 1 hour from Area A


The motion was seconded and defeated. 4 for, 6 against.


A motion was made that for all students graduating no later than Spring 2003; Core Area B can be satisfied with any of the following courses: CS 13x1, CS 17xx, CS 18xx, and COE 1361.


The motion was seconded and approved. Unanimous


2.      Joe Hughes presented organizational issues that the committee would need to address in the next year.


3.      A motion was made to elect Joe Hughes as chair of the committee for 2001-2. The motion was seconded and approved. Unanimous.


4.      Fifty-nine student petitions were reviewed by the committee, all were approved unless noted:


8-for readmission Fall 2001

6-for readmission Spring 2002

1-appeal to gave grade in CS course changed to W

1-appeal to use CS course for another CS course

12-to substitute course(s) for another

11 -to register Fall 2001 after withdrawing Summer 2001 (2 denied)

3-to change academic standing

1-to waive 36-hour

4-to participate in intercollegiate athletics with less than 12 hours.

8-to withdraw from course(s) (1 denied)

1-to ECON course in minor

3-to register for more than required hours (1 denied)







M. Jo McIver