Library Committee meeting

March 14, 2002 at 1:30pm

Wilby Room, Georgia Tech Library


Members/proxies present:  Alka Citrin (DCoM)--for Goutam Challagalla, Carol Colatrella (LCC),  Nancey Green Leigh (ARCH),  Richard Meyer (Library), John Papastavridis (ME), Cassie Pope & Bryan Shaw (student representative/proxy), Colin Potts (CoC), and Edward Thomas (Physics)


Members absent: Mark Kindl (GTRI)




Rich Meyer reported that the learning center construction project has been approved by the Board of Regents and is on their building list.  The Academic Commons will link academic services provided by the library, CETL, tutoring and advising programs, co-op, and other academic units to improve retention and enhance academic progress for students.  The new building will provide much needed study and collaborative work space.


Meyer also shared with the committee the recently published article in the CETL newsletter (see The Classroom, spring 2002) detailing plans and progress on the One West project, which will be a prototype for the Academic Commons.  Construction will begin shortly; the project should be finished by fall term.  The area to be renovated on the first floor of the library will house 80 computers for general use and 20 with multimedia capabilities and will also have many drops for laptop users.  Staff will assist in providing information resources for library research and technology use, including working with databases, software, and collaborative projects.  There will also be space for students to develop and practice multimedia presentations.  The number of seats in the library has not been reduced during the project; first floor seating has been moved to the upper floors.


The committee considered the synergy between renovation and development of the library and  the design and implementation of the Academic Commons. 

There was some concern that traditional library resources such as books and journals might be shortchanged in an era focusing on technological development, but many present attested to the increasing significance of electronic presentation software as well as electronic databases and online texts and journals for faculty and student researchers.  Meyer assured committee members that  traditional resources would not be sacrificed for technological improvements.


Leigh reported that the Academic Services Committee is developing a resolution to support the future renovation of the existing library in concert with the development of the Academic Commons.


2. LIBRARIANíS REPORTóSerials Acquisition


In response to questions about serials, Meyer reported that the Faculty General Assembly had approved a resolution recommending the acquisition of electronic journals whenever possible to effect cost savings without constraining collection building.  Papastavridis expressed misgivings about the decreasing accessibility to journals in certain areas.




Thomas suggested that units interested in communicating concerns about library collections such as journal access ought to work closely with the librarian and information consultants to develop strategies for continued improvement of the library.




The library will soon send out a faculty web survey.  All faculty are encouraged to respond.

The committee adjourned about 2:40pm.  The next meeting will be held during the fall term.


Respectfully submitted,


Carol Colatrella