Welfare and Security Committee



July 17, 2006

RAB Boardroom, 3:00PM



WSC Members Present: Mary Ann Ingram, Chair (ECE) via telephone; Jane Weyant (COE); Jilda Garton (GTRC), Tom Akins (DOPP) ex-officio, and Gail Palmer (ECE).  Guests: Sue Ann Bidstrup Allen (Office of the President) and John Grovenstein (Human Resources).



  1. Sue Ann Bidstrup Allen, Executive Assistant to the President, expressed that President Clough is interested in the April 18, 2006 WSC protest to the General Faculty about the Parking Fee increase and in the closed nature of the Parking Budget preparation process.  Sue Ann met with Associate VP of Auxiliary Services Roz Meyers and Senior VP of Administration and Finance Bob Thompson earlier this summer. Nothing can be done at this point to change the 2006-2007 budget; however, the budgeting procedures for the future can (and should) be changed to give the Welfare and Security Committee (WSC) more oversight. The WSC expressed its concern that although the WSC has a member on the Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee (PTAC), PTAC currently has no real influence over the Parking budget process.  The budget is developed internally by Auxiliary Services, and then it is presented to PTAC for information purposes only.  The WSC requested that PTAC be chaired by a faculty member rather than by an officer of Auxiliary Services (currently Roz Meyers).  The WSC also suggested that one of its members actively participate in the Parking budget preparation process.  Sue Ann will ask Roz Meyers and Bob Thompson to contact Mary Ann to arrange a meeting to discuss possible procedural changes.  Sue Ann stated that the response to the WSC request regarding the Parking budget was inadequate. Sue Ann will bring up this issue in President Wayne Clough’s cabinet meeting on 7/18/06.
  2. Sue Ann further agreed to bring up the WSC proposal for a campus-wide AED program at President Clough’s 7/18/06 cabinet meeting.
  3. John Grovenstein, Director of Employee Benefits in Georgia Tech Human Resources, discussed the implications of the purchase of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Georgia by Wellpoint. John explained that Wellpoint is a for-profit organization and is lower priced than many other providers. Under Wellpoint, Blue Choice HMO members are the only Georgia Tech employees affected by the Blue Cross/Blue Shield conflict with Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta.  The Indemnity Plan of the Board of Regents is a self-insurance plan administered by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Georgia, which will continue to administer it.
  4. Gail offered to write a draft letter asking about the status of the AED proposal to Provost Jean-Lou Chameau. Gail is to send the draft letter to Jilda who will edit it and send it to Jean-Lou.  
  5. Mary Ann offered to contact Police Chief Theresa Crocker and express an interest in the WSC having input into the campus walking tour to be conducted by Chief Crocker. Mary Ann will also e-mail the school chairs regarding the placement of pedestrian crossing.
  6. Jilda agreed to invite Marcia Kinstler, Interim Director of Environmental Health and Safety, to attend a WSC meeting. The WSC would like to see Georgia Tech develop a more robust Occupational Health Program, and the WSC would like to have a member included in the interview process for a new director of Environmental Health and Safety.
  7. Mary Ann asked the WSC members to be responsible for contributing to the WSC Annual Report:
    1. Gail – AEDs
    2. Mary Ann – Parking 2006-2007
    3. Carole – Motorized Carts
    4. Jane – Multi-Campus Faculty Governance
    5. Mary Ann – Pedestrian Safety
    6. Jilda – Travel Policy


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Ann Ingram

Jilda Garton

Gail Palmer