Welfare and Security Committee



January 8, 2006

A. French Building, Room 210 3:00PM



WSC Members Present: Mary Ann Ingram, Chair (ECE); Carole Moore (Provost); Jilda Garton (GTRC); Jane Weyant (COE); and Gail Palmer (ECE) .


1.      The minutes of the December 8, 2005 meeting were approved.


2.      Bob Furniss from Parking was unable to attend the meeting.


3.      Gail Palmer reported that she and Frank Lambert from the AED committee had met with Ken McGrath and Winston Gandy from Atlanta Cardiology. Drs. McGrath and Gandy provided a great deal of information and guidance, and both doctors are willing to help implement a campus-wide AED program at Georgia Tech.


4.      Jane Weyant reported that the Multi-Campus Faculty Governance committee had met and reviewed the Faculty Rotation Model for Multi-Campus Operations: GTL, GT-Shanghai. Jay distributed a fact sheet listing the pros and cons and overall impression of faculty who have served on an overseas Georgia Tech campus. The Welfare and Security committee discussed the degree of involvement that this committee should have in situations on an overseas Georgia Tech campus. No definitive position for the Welfare and Security Committee was decided.


5.      Mary Ann Ingram distributed the financial data sheets (including the projected budgets for Parking for 2006 and 2007), and she led the discussion about the Parking budgets. The Welfare and Security committee raised several issues related to the Parking budgets:

·        Why is the cash flow not balanced?

·        Why is there no accountability on the use of the money?

·        Why is there not a 3-year moratorium (2005-2007) as promised?

·        What is the replacement policy of the Parking group?

·        What is the maintenance policy of the Parking group?


The Welfare and Security committee asked Mary Ann to send a letter to Bob Furniss on behalf of this committee. The letter was to address the above issues and to make the following requests:

1.      A limit of a 2% increase in the previous year’s Parking budget.

2.      A $200,000 reduction in the proposed budget for 2006.

3.      A 5-year proposed budget for Parking.

4.      A Parking financial report with increased clarity and depth.


6.      Time did not permit the Welfare and Security committee to address the issues of pedestrian safety or new business.


The next meeting of the Welfare and Security meeting is scheduled for at 3:00 p.m., February 8, 2006 in the A. French Building, Room 201.


Respectfully submitted,

Gail Palmer