Georgia Institute of Technology

Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

2008-2009 Annual Report


October 20, 2009, 3-5:00 p.m., Ferst Center for the Arts

General Faculty Assembly and Academic Senate (State of the Institute Address - Fall Meeting of the General Faculty)

Members:  Pradeep Agrawal, Adjo Amekudzi, Richard Barke, Willie Belton, Paul Benkeser,  Larry Bottomley, Yi-Long Chang, Al Ferri, Matt Higgins, Charles Isbell, Julia Kubanek, Pete Ludovice, Milena Mihail, Joe Montoya, George Riley, Michael Schatz, Jerry Seitzman, John Tone, Gil Weinberg, Gary Schuster, Reta Pikowsky, and John Stein

Meetings: The IUCC held 24 meetings during the 2008-2009 academic year plus additional meetings on focused topics (General Education, Study Abroad, and Program Review). The work of the committee falls into four main categories (Curriculum Items, Student Petitions, General Education, Study Abroad, and Program Review). Activities in each of these areas are outlined below.


John Tone served as Chair of the Committee.  George Riley served as Vice Chair of the Committee.


Curriculum Items: Over the 2008-2009 academic year, the IUCC approved several modifications and additions to Georgia Tech’s degrees.


New courses were approved in:

  1. Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  2. GT 4803  Special topics
  3. Public Policy
  4. Modern Languages
  5. Management
  6. Architecture
  7. Chemistry and Biochemistry
  8. Center of Enhancement of Teaching and Learning
  9. College of Computing
  10. History, Technology, and Society
  11. Industrial and Systems Engineering
  12. Mechanical Engineering
  13. Cross listed course for Biology Mechanical Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Polymer, Textiles, and Fiber Engineering, and Industrial and Systems Engineering
  14. GT 2500 and GT 4500, ThinkBig@Tech 0-0-0
  15. Civil and Environmental Engineering
  16. Psychology


Changes were approved that affected the following degree programs:

  1. Biomedical Engineering revision in Minor
  2. Biomedical Engineering change in pre-requisites
  3. Earth and Atmospheric Sciences expansion of C or better requirement for all prerequisite courses
  4. History, Technology, and Society change minor credit hour requirement
  5. Literature, Communication and Culture joined the International Plan
  6. Public Policy change in minor credit hour requirement
  7. Public Policy revision in Core, prerequisites, and degree requirements
  8. Modern Languages change minor credit hour requirement
  9. Chemical and Bio-molecular Engineering replace three free elective credit hours with three credit hours of ChBE elective courses
  10. International Plan Industrial Design 8 semester plan
  11. Economics change minor credit hour requirement
  12. Biology change minor credit hour requirement
  13. Chemistry and Biochemistry deactivate CHEM1313
  14. Chemistry and Biochemistry change in prerequisite courses
  15. Public Policy change in prerequisite, remove PST/CS4752
  16. College of Computing changes to Theory Thread
  17. College of Computing change in pre-requisite, CS4520/30 for CSCS4540
  18. Mechanical Engineering Deactivate three courses
  19. History, Technology, and Society Change Curriculum for the B.S
  20. Earth and Atmospheric Sciences added Ocean Sciences, Environmental Science, Environmental Chemistry, Earth System Physics, Meteorology tracks
  21. Earth and Atmospheric Sciences modified capstone option
  22. Literature Communications and Culture change Women’s Studies minor credit hour requirement
  23. Civil and Environmental Engineering pre-requisites changed
  24. Biomedical engineering course substitution approved
  25. Aerospace change minor credit hour requirement
  26. Mechanical Engineering modification of degree requirement and prerequisite modifications
  27. Literature, Communication and Culture modification of Research Option requirement
  28. College of Computing modification of thread picks
  29. Literature, Communication and Culture pre-requisite change
  30. International Affairs modification of B.S in International Affairs and B.S in International Affairs and Modern languages
  31. Biomedical Engineering degree  modification change Economic course requirements from :ECON2100 or 2105 or 2106 to ECON2100 or 2101 or 2105 or 2106
  32. Civil and Environmental Engineering Revised Catalog description for CEE4120
  33. Literature, communication and Culture adds Technical Communication minor


New Certificates

  1. Biomedical Science
  2. Biomolecular Technology
  3. Computation and Quantitative Biology
  4. Environmental Science
  5. Marine Science
  6. Integrative  Biology


 Student Petitions and Appeals: The IUCC acted on 430 (558 in the previous year) petitions,  reviewed 7 written appeals of denied petitions, and heard 4 in-person appeals (11 in the previous year) of denied petitions. Approved by the Registrar, under the authority of the Committee, were 313 (213 in the previous year) petitions related to readmission after the first drop, use of a “D” grade when the second attempt of the course resulted in an F grade, and requests to return in the following term after withdrawing.  


2008-2009       430 petitions, 11 appeals, 313 petitions handled administratively


2007-2008       558 petitions, 11 appeals, 213 petitions handled administratively


2006-2007       576 petitions, 36 appeals, 298 petitions handled administratively

                        (910 total)

2006-2007       579 petitions, 21 appeals, 140 petitions handled administratively

                        (740 total)

2004-2005       738 petitions, 27 appeals

                        (765 total – number of administrative approvals not reported)


General Education Subcommittee:

The Committee met on November 20th 2008, February 3rd 2009, and May 13th 2009. Agenda items included assignment of attributes to courses to meet Core requirements, review of catalog language, discussion of the CS requirement and the wellness requirement, and transfer credit related to math and lab sciences courses, as well as humanities and social science designations. The subcommittee also discussed at some length the proposed changes from the System office related to the Core.


Program Review Subcommittee:

The IUCC responsibility with respect to program review was modified in 2008-2009.  From 2003 to 2009, the Institute Review Committee (IRC) annually crafted a Synthesis Report (SR) of the documents generated by the process of program review, including self-study findings, the external review, commentary by the academic deans, and recommendations by the IUCC and IGC.  The SR was then communicated to the Provost, the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Development, and the USG. 


In 2008, IRC members concluded that their work was substantially redundant, judging that the recommendations of the IUCC and IGC in and of themselves already constitute all of the fundamentals of SRs.   Therefore, the IRC was disbanded for 2009 and the task of producing the SRs devolved to the IUCC and IGC.  The preliminary planning for this new procedure was undertaken during AY 2008-2009, and the IUCC synthesis report for this cycle is in progress.


Study Abroad Subcommittee:

The Study Abroad Subcommittee met on October 21, 2008 and approved the following programs:


1.      Pacific Study Abroad Program

January 8-April 4

2.      Barcelona Summer Program

May 11-July 21

3.      Paris Study Abroad Program

Sept 1-April 30

The Study Abroad Subcommittee met again on November 20, 2008 and approved the following programs:


1.      GT Lorraine Summer Program for Undergraduates

May 11- July 29

2.      Building Construction in Paris

May 11-July 30

3.      History of Art and Architecture in Greece and Italy

May 25-July 10

4.      Modern Architecture and the Modern City

May 11-July 31

5.      Italian Film Studies

May 12-June 19

6.      Intensive Summer Russian Program in Moscow

June 20-August 9

7.      Japanese Language for Business and Technology

May 11-June 25

8.      Spanish Language for Business and Technology (Mexico)

May 11-June 21

9.      Spanish Language for Business and Technology (Spain)

June 28-July 27

10.  German Language for Business and Technology

May 16-July 26

11.  Chinese Language for Business and Technology

May 8-June 21

12.  Oxford Summer Program

May 18-August 9

13.  Beijing/Singapore Summer Program

May 20-August 3

14.  Shanghai Summer Program

May 18-July 18

15.  European Union Study Abroad Program

May 23-July 3

16.  East Asian Political Economy:

May 2-June 30

17.  French Language for Business and Technology

June 13-July 25

18.  Argentina and Brazil Summer Program

May 12-June 19


The Minutes from these two meetings reflect the courses taught during these programs for those who may be interested in that information.

Submitted by:


John Tone, College of History, Technology and Society

Chair, IUCC, 2008-2009