Georgia Institute of Technology

Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Petitions Subcommittee Summary

November 30, 2005



1.        The committee reviewed 30 petitions, all were approved except noted:


1-to change basis of  PSYC course from pass/fail to letter/grade (denied)

3-to withdraw course/all course Fall 2005 due to late enrollment, Hurricane Katrina students

1-to withdraw Fall 2005 and to return spring 2006 (denied)

1-to remove Ws in AE 1350 and COE 2001 (denied)

1-to have CEE 3000 and 4001 removed from transcript (denied)

1-to have grades in CHEM 1311 and CS 1371 removed from transcript (denied)

6-late withdrawals

1-to withdraw past Fall 2005 deadline (approved) and to drop PHYS 3143 (denied)

1-to count HIST 2111, 2112, and 3001 towards social science (denied)

1-to be concurrently enrolled at GPC, Spring 2006

1-to waive the 10-year rule

1-to grant minor in ECON by counting social science courses (denied)

1-to use 2 ensemble courses combined with MUSI 3610 to meet humanities requirement

1-to take 22 hours in order to graduate spring 2006

1-to have SPAN 1001 count as humanities credit

1-to process late grade change

2-permission to register for less than 12 hours as graduation student in Spring 2006 (denied)

1-permission to submit Spring 2006 graduation application past the deadline

4-tabled for next meeting