Georgia Institute of Technology

Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Petitions Subcommittee Summary

November 9, 2005


1.      The committee reviewed 41 petitions, all were approved except noted:


20-late withdrawals (9 denied)

2-waiver of the 36-hour rule

3-waiver of the 10-year rule

2-exemption of MSE course to fulfill graduation requirements

2-to have course credit in INTA satisfy INTA minor requirements (2 denied)

1-to take second Spanish class at GPC to fulfill humanities credit

1-to count 6 hours of electives toward core and INTA minor requirements (denied)

1-to count classes taken in GT exchange program towards INTA minor

1-to count nine transfer credits toward INTA minor

1-to be concurrently enrolled Spring 2006

1-to use 6 hours of ECON credit for minor and social science requirements (denied)

1-readmission for Spring 2006 (denied)

1-readmission after second drop

1-to receive credit for GRMN 1001 with GRMN 2001, instead of GRMN 1002

1-to receive credit for PHYS 2212 taken a Delta College in Summer 2005

1-to receive elective credit for MGT 3150 or 1 hour of elective credit from AS courses to meet 15 hour requirement (denied)

1-to use BIOL 1510 and 1520 taken at Dalton College in Summer 2003


2.      Thirteen petitions were approved under the authority of the administrative sub-committee:


6-readmission for Spring 2006

7-to return Spring 2006 after withdrawing Fall 2005




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