Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Full Committee (Administrative Matters, Academic Matters, and Petitions)


Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Present:          Benkeser (BME), Kubanek (BIOL), Parsons (MGT),  Isbell (CoC), Agrawal (ChBE), Barke (PUBP), Seitzman (AE), Ferri (ME),  Bottomley (CHEM), Riley (ECE), Tone (HTS), Schatz (PHYS), Pikowsky (REG), Chang (MGT), Jarrett (ARCH)


Visitors:         Senft (REG), Loss (MATH), Jones (REG)


Note: All action items in these minutes require approval by the Academic Senate.  In some instances, items may require further approval by the Board of Regents or the University System of Georgia.  If the Regents' approval is required, the change is not official until notification is received from the Board to that effect. Items that are marked below with an asterisk (*) require USG and/or BOR approval and are not official until approval has been received. Academic units should take no action on these items until USG and/or BOR approval is secured.  In addition, units should take no action on any of the items below until these minutes have been approved by the Academic Senate or the Executive Board.


  1. There were no minutes to be approved.  Past minutes were approved via email.


  1. The Committee considered and commented on the following administrative items.


Board of Regents Policy on IB (International Baccalaureate) Credit


The policy drafted by Deborah Smith and Reta Pikowsky was accepted.  A typographical error was noted and will be corrected.  It was also suggested that more thought be given to what the credit will look like if no equivalency is determined for the course.  This item will be sent to the Rules and Regulations Committee.


            Petitions for Waivers of the Ten-Year Rule


The Registrar reported that the only academic unit that wishes to sign-off on courses related to the Ten-Year Rule is the College of Computing and only for upper division CS courses. The need to continue collecting signatures for all courses appears to be unnecessary.  It was therefore recommended that the procedure revert to its former state.  Students will be required to submit a petition, but no signatures will be required, except for CS at the upper division level, and the petitions will be handled administratively by the Chair and the Registrar.  If any concerns emerge, the petitions will be forwarded to the Committee for review. This change in procedure is effective immediately.  This item was approved.


Authority Given to the Registrar


Authority has been given to the Registrar to act on the following types of petitions:


         Readmit after first drop, if the major school recommends

         Use of D grade in a course for graduation requirements if second attempt was an F

         Return next term after withdrawing if major school recommends, the student is in good standing, and there are no other apparent issues of concern

         Use of repeated MUSI courses if the problem exists due to registration errors

         Courses that fall under the Ten-year Rule if the major school recommends approval and there are no other concerns.  Does not apply to upper division CS courses.  Registrar will confer with Chair on these petitions.


Late Withdrawals from the Term for Medical Reasons


The Registrar suggested that she work with others on campus to develop a form for late withdrawals based on medical reasons.  The Committee agreed that such a form would be useful.  HIPAA and FERPA issues would be appropriately safeguarded.


  1. A motion was made to table a request from the School of Psychology for prerequisite changes, a social science elective, and a new course.  The motion was seconded and approved.


  1. A motion was made to approve a request from the School of Mathematics for a new course and for cross-listing with CS.  The motion was seconded and approved.




MATH 1111 Precalculus for Mathematics without Trigonomety 3-2-4


(Note: Item number 16 on the New Course Proposal Form should read: Required if student has Math SAT score less than 550 and no AP Calculus credit or student may take MATH 1113.)






MATH 4640 (Numerical Analysis I) with CS 4640

MATH 4641 (Numerical Analysis II) with CS 4641


(Note: The request states CSE 4640 and CSE 4641, but the courses were approved as CS.)


  1. A motion was made to approve a request from the School of Mechanical Engineering for modifications to its degree requirements.  The motion was seconded and approved.




ECON 2101 (Global Economy) will be allowed as one of the approved classes for the ME programís economics requirements.


Students will be allowed to count six hours (two classes) of the following minors towards the ME programís ME Technical electives, upon successful completion of the minor. If a student does not successfully complete the minor, the student will have to take two approved ME technical electives (i.e., approved ME 3000-level or ME 4000-level courses.


         Aerospace Engineering


         Biomedical Engineering

         Computing Science

         Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

         Materials Science and Engineering


         Nuclear and Radiological Engineering


  1. The Committee reviewed and acted on student petitions.


Student Petitions Considered and Voted-Upon by the Committee

All were approved except as noted:


2-      Late Selective withdrawal (0 denied)

1-      Late Withdrawal term (1 tabled)

11- Waiver for 36 hour rule (2 denied, 1 tabled)

3-   Concurrent Enrollment/ 36 Hour Rule (1 denied)

1-   Readmit 2nd drop

1-   Registration overload

1-  Rejoin School

1-  Exception to Grade Policy (1 denied)


Petitions Handled by Administrative Decision

The following petitions met the guidelines for ďAdministrative Action,Ē and were

decided by the Registrar under the authority granted to her by the Committee. All

were approved except as noted:


            6- Readmit FA08

            1- Readmit SU08

            6- Waive 10 year rule






Reta Pikowsky